The Complete Guide For Photographing Live Insects At Home

I started toying around with insect macro photography about 18 months ago. And to be honest, those first few months produced some amazingly bad photographs. But as scientists say, there is no such thing as a failed experiment – as long as it yields data. Well, I’ve managed to amass quite a lot of “data”. And I am grateful that I am able to share some of that knowledge with the DIY community.

As bad as they were, those first few macro shots opened my eyes to the amazing detail and intricacies that lay just beyond the capabilities of our vision. Watching the insects move through the viewfinder was – and still is – a fascinating experience. So, from my earliest attempts, I decided I was going to only shoot live insects.
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Photographer Rigs An iPhone 4 To Helium Balloons To Take HD Videos

Here is a nice concept to compete with Kite Arieal Photography, Helicopter rigged cameras and very long pole photography.

A bunch of curious DIYers at Los Angeles rigged an iPhone 4 to a set of helium balloons that helped it rise about 1000 feet and take 720p videos of Los Angeles.

The footage is displayed below, while it is not perfect, and kinda shaky, there is also a valuable BTS. Hit the Just for some behind the scenes and my notes of the video

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No Strobes, No Light Stands, No Modifiers, No Problem!

Kimberley - Fluorescent 3 (by Ragoem)They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. How will you go on lighting a shot when you have no strobes, no lightstands and no modifiers?

With fluorescents of course. waintaminute! Fluorescents? Aren’t those the things that make green harsh hideous light? Well depends. Netherlands photographer Ragoem Vakfotografie shows just what can be done with just a couple of those lengthy lights.

First thing first, you need to understand light a bit to work with light sabers like this. Light is harsh when it is far (and looks small) and softer when it is close (and looks big). So fluorescents had t be placed close to the model. Placed? Try hand held. [Read more…]

Using Dry Ice For Adding Drama To Your Pictures

Using Dry Ice For Adding Drama To Your PicturesThe following post about working with dry ice was made by Morgana Creely.

Working with dry ice can be a lot of fun and certainly adds a dramatic flair to your images. However there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Dry Ice is extremely cold [-78.5°C/-109.3°F] and needs to be handled with care at all times. To avoid burns, keep it away from the skin at all times, and wear heavy gloves where possible.

It’s also important that when using dry ice you are in a well-ventilated area. Dry ice is a form of carbon dioxide and use in a poorly ventilated area will cause headaches and nausea. [Read more…]

Shooting the Burning Light Bulb Filament – The Movie

Burning Light Bulb Filament Back when I started DIYP, one of the first successful posts was a project called A Burning Light Bulb. The post explains how to break a light bulb and photograph it’s burning filament. This is really a fun photography project for a weekend (as long as you are careful with the glass and electricity).

For the new video with lots of great tips from Jon Beard, scroll down after the jump. For some blogging ponders read on.

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Seven DIY Video Photography Projects For HD-DSLRers and Videographers

Videography DIYIt looks like where ever we look HD-DSLRs are gaining momentum and more and more photographers are using videography as a way to express themselves, to offer services to their customers and to create art.

No wonder with HD-DSLRs like Nikon’s D300s and Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II you can use all your exquisite optics and get results that will not shame a pro video cam.

With all that it is no wonder that video DSLR started getting some hacks and mods.  [image by blhphotography] [Read more…]

Valentines Special: Couples Album

Valentines Special: Couples AlbumWith Valentines just around the corner and all, I thought I’d share one of the wedding gifts wifey and I got about seven years ago when we got married. Amongst all the gifts, this gift is the one single gift that helped us hold our marriage through some very rough times. Really, I cannot over estimate it one bit.

That said, it is full of commitment so only give it if you’re OK with smelling your current significant other’s morning breath for the rest of your life. If you are that serious, hit the jump for more details.

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Photography: Real Fire Rocks / Photoshop Fire Sucks

Fire inside (by Filipe Batista)How did I manage not to burn the house down??

Well, first, my wife was not at home, LOL… and second, with the remote trigger in one hand, and an extinguisher in the other… just in case!! ;O))

This is what Filipe Batista had to say when I wondered how he took that shot. The extinguisher bit is enough to hint that no Photoshop was used to create the fire and as they say it the magic industry. Don’t worry, that fire is harmless. Unless you touch it.

Filipe was kind enough to share the secretes behind this fire spectacle with DIYP readers:

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