The Misconception of Perception – Documenting the Gap Between What We See and What Is Real

It began with living in the real world, a place that drives me to perpetual curiosity. Humans are a fascinating study, even for the layman like myself. These subservient minions of biology seem hardwired for utter chaos, and, like receiving an ambulance dispatch to a freshman sorority at 3 a.m. on a Saturday, not even God Himself can predict what you will see next.

Little-known fact: In a previous life (before a wife and kids), I was one of those people they would call out to pick up the drunken pieces after a college bash. But, it wasn’t all fun and games…there were also those times of trying everything in my power to revive a loved one who just died in my hands as their family screamed in anguish around me. But that all seems so long ago…

The cynical phrase, “Nothing is as it seems,” rings especially true. As humans, we naturally perceive what we want to perceive, and, no matter how much we sometimes like to convince ourselves we’re being truly objective or non-judgemental, we are constantly making subconscious judgement calls throughout our daily life. [Read more...]

Invisible Waves: NPR Science Video Shows Exactly What Sound Looks Like

Screen Shot from Video.

Back in the mid-1800s, August Toepler gave us a way to be able to look at sound. Not synthetically visualize it- but actually be able to look at it. His invention was called Schilieron Flow Visualization; by implementing the complex technique into your camerawork, you’ll actually be able to see waves. Whether it’s the waves made from the snap of your fingers, or the waves from the hiss of an opened Pepsi bottle- you can see the noise they make. And NPR released a video that shows you how its done.

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The Simplest DIY Photography Wall Display

simple-diy-wall-art-final-01We are notorious cheap-skates, to the point of friends dubbing me “Cheap-ass Al.” (Trust me, it’s one of my more noble titles.) No, we’re not as extreme as some, perhaps, but we definitely don’t shy away from an opportunity to save money. Most everything in our home is second-hand, so the idea of splurging for something as simple as wall hangings is nearly laughable. [Read more...]

This 52,000MP Panorama Of Seattle Is An Artists Treasure Hunt

Gigapixel panoramas are getting more common now, yet, some have a bit of a twist on the usual amazing site-seeing extravaganza.

This 52,000MP Panorama Of Seattle Is An Artists Treasure Hunt

The team at Microsoft set out to show the stitching Kong-fu of Photosynth and created this ~20,000,000,000 pixel photo was made up from 2,368 individual photos taken with 600mm and 400mm canon lenses mounted on a Gigapan head.

In a similar way to the biggest where is waldo project we shared a while back, the team at Microsoft planted individual artists all throughout the image, making it a fun (yet challenging) find-the-artist-treasure-hunt. Unlike the where is waldo project, the artists were captured over the course of few weeks at six individual shootings. [Read more...]

365 Reasons To Do A 365 Photo Project

I still remember the 1st time I clicked the shutter button of a DSLR. It was 5 years ago, Aug.24 2008. I was using a Nikon D80 back then and didn’t know how to use all of the buttons, how to focus, what exposure and all the number means and all that. When I started photography 5 years ago, I didn’t expect that I would be doing this for a living.


I wanted to learn more about Photography so I read books, looked at pictures, and then I stumbled into Flickr. I learned about the 365 Day Project in flickr. Some of my flickr friends where doing it and I wanted to try it for the challenge.

Doing The 365 Day Project was one of the most memorable moments in my life, and made me the photographer that I am today. [Read more...]

This Photo A Month Selfie Project Goes All The Way To Birth

This Photo A Month Selfie Project Goes All The Way To Birth

We have seen quite a few a-photo-a-day or a-photo-a-week projects. We usually love them as they are a great way to keep inspiration coming.

We never saw a photo a month project spanning exactly nine months. Buenos Aires based photographer Sophie Starzenski accepted an advice from a friend to take on this nine-months project. She took a selfie for nine month, hiding her face and upper body, and showing the progress of her pregnancy. The project is dubbed Proyecto Pyokko.

The result is simple yet very powerful. [Read more...]

BTS: How I Took This Inception Photograph Without Photoshop

Obtaining access to a cool set is awesome, but the question is do you know what you are going to do once you arrive on set. Luckily for this shootout, I knew the location and had a fairly good idea of what I was planning to do.

BTS: How I Took This Inception Photograph Without Photoshop

I have shot this location before but felt that I can get more out of it. I needed to return. So I got a team together. A Ballet dancer, a hip-hop artist a second photographer and an assistant. [Read more...]

BTS: Lost In The Flood By Tomer Jacobson

BTS: Lost In The Flood By Tomer Jacobson

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -  Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

When you direct or plan a photograph it seems that you control each and every aspect of that photo.

In street photography you try and capture a decisive moment, which is completely out of your control. In a stage shoot, however,  you can try and create a reality from scratch. The more you put into planning and preparations, the more you can get closer to that perfect image you conceived  in your head.

I have given this a lot of thought when I started working on our last photograph in the song series. The ambitious idea was to shoot a staged photograph with multiple models tens of meters into the sea while everyone is standing on rocks. It quickly became obvious that there are many technical challenges to such photoshoot and I will talk about a few of them in this post. [Read more...]