New Light Blaster Creative Kit Is Metal. And Razor Sharp!

The folks at Spiffy Gear just announced a new Creative Kit for their Light Blaster portable image projection system – the Pro Gobo | Kit 1.


While we fancy the entire system in general, we love this new kit because it delivers something that the other kits did not – real blacks.

Being made out of the same metal that is used for stage lighting gobos this kit is thin enough to fir in the Light Blaster system, but being made of metal, the light only goes though the etched places and does not go through the metal providing real black on any projected surface. It also works wonderfully with gels. [Read more…]

Fighting Projected Shadows Is Nothing Less Than Heart Stopping

I am not really sure how to categorize this video, as it is pretty multidisciplinary, touching no projection, dance and animation. But since we are dealing with projection this month, I wanted to share it.

In this epic battle, Taichi Saotome fights a carefully animated and projected shadow (of his own)

There is very little information about this show in the webs:

The piece is called “Dragon and Peony, Sword”. Here isthe description of the show: “Mr. Saotome battles against his own shadowgraph with making full use of projection effects. The stage with transforming and lashing out shadow consists of precise video production and Mr.Saotome’s talent.

[Dragon and Peony, Sword Dance and Shadowgraph | team-lab] [Read more…]

July Is Projection Month On DIYP

Photography is light. Light hits the subject, travels through a lens and hits a sensor or a piece of film, creating an image. Everything else is just there to assist.

However, light can definitely go the reverse way, with the laws of physics enabling a complete reversed path. Light coming from somewhere near the sensor plate, going through a lens and arriving at a screen or a wall re-building an image.

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Come to think about it this is almost magical, yet this is how cinema came to be, and how some of our sweetest memories were created. [Read more…]