This Bioluminescent Forest Wonderland Is The Result Of A Projector And A Computer

Forests are magical places by definition; this is why so many of our childhood stories are situated in them. Bioluminescent Forest takes the magical and makes magical-er.

Using a computer and a powerful projector Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad were able to animate the forest into a vivid and fairy-like existence.

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Real-Time Digital Make Up Alters Real Faces In… Real-Time

We have talked quite a bit about projections and their applications in this blog, but I don’t think we have ever mentioned one of its most artistic uses: mapping. Mapping means that you build the projection based on a scan of an object so it seems as if the projection is part of real life (as opposed to the examples above which only exist in a photo).

Nobumichi Asai and the team at Omote took this concept to a whole new level by doing real-time face tracking & projection mapping on a live model. This actually enables Asai to create ever-changing digital makeup in a split of a second.

There is not much information on this online, but I assume the technology may be limited to where you can easily project onto a model’s face, so it probably would not work with moving people yet, but I would not be surprised if we see that coming up as projectors get smaller and more portable.

[omote / real-time face tracking & projection mapping | h/t Stefan]