Real Talk With Mike Monteiro: How To Get Paid For Your Work Even When Your Clients Are Total Jerks

mike monteiroThis video is one of the most entertaining presentations on how to deal with non-paying and problem clients. Creative Morning guest host, Mike Monteiro, is able to take a sensitive topic and inject some humor into it with his witty sense of humor. You’ll not only get a few laughs out of the discussion, but you’ll also take in some very important advice on how to deal with the inevitable problem client. Regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur who books the occasional paying gig, you have to know what to do to protect yourself from non-paying and slow-paying clients.

Monteiro and his lawyer, Gabe Levine, cover a plethora of talking points in the nearly 40 minute talk. While the gist of the entire presentation could be summarized by saying “GET A CONTRACT”, it’s well worth the time to watch the entire clip. Remember, knowledge is power and there is a lot to be gained from the video. [Read more…]

Things Clients Say To Photographers – How Many Have You Heard?


What do the phrases “Can you upload these to facebook?”, “Can you send me the RAWs?”, and “Is that how you’re going to edit it?” have in common? For starters, they’re all reasons why I, personally, am not cut out to be a portrait photographer. They’re also playfully accurate quips used in this humorous take on some of the gear grinding things oblivious clients say to photographers.

To be fair, most clients have no idea how offensive some of the stuff they say to us is. (And they clearly do not realize how reactive our sensitive artistic egos are to the absurdity they sometimes come up with. Like when they bring along their iPhone to a photoshoot and ask you take a couple pics of them with it for Instagram.) [Read more…]

What Happens When the Photographer Become the Client?

When I was still practicing law a lifetime or two ago, some of my colleagues and I used to say that the practice of law would be so much more enjoyable without the damn clients. Obviously this was just a form of letting off steam when dealing with a problem client– usually accompanied by copious amounts of bourbon. When I made the jump to photography ten years ago, It didn’t take long for me to learn that the same maxim held “true,” regardless of whether I was carrying a brief case or a camera bag. It appears that problem clients are everywhere.

Even in the mirror, if you’re not careful.

Let me explain.


[Read more…]