Tips To Make Your Next On Location Shoot Go Smoother And Yield You Better Photos


I know, I know, the title of the video says it’s about industrial portraits. It is about that, indeed; however, a lot of the tips and advice J. P. Morgan shares in the seven minute long clip can be applied to a lot of different kinds of photoshoots–especially those where you’re shooting on location.

Outside of discussing his lighting setup and other solid advice to make sure you’re capturing interesting, well-lit portraits, Morgan spends a good amount of time talking about the actual process of the photoshoot, too. For example, he stresses how important it is to be mindful of your client’s time, then Morgan shares with you a few tips on how to go about doing just that. [Read more…]

Beautiful Portraits Of Redheaded Models Are Bursting With Summer’s Vibrance & Inspiration


Maja Topčagić has an eye for the beautiful and she knows how to  masterfully capture it in her vibrant portraiture work. Just take a moment to peruse through her photography and you’ll be instantly drawn–the Bosnia based photographer clearly has a knack for photographing people. The portraits of redheads are especially captivating with all those faces full of freckles, delicately adorned with flowers. [Read more…]

Experimental Nude Photos Explore The Subconscious Movements Of Models (NSFW)


A side project from his typical work as a high end editorial photographer, French artist Julien Vallon has created a series of nude art photographs that deviate from the more traditional posed portraits that dominate the genre. In Vallon’s Pre-Conscience/Conscience (or, for the sake of brevity, PCS/CS), the photographer has formed a way to capture “the free movement beyond logic, will, thought and conformity, to release the beauty.”

Inspired by the psychology of Carl Jung and his studies of the human psyche and collective unconscious, Vallon explains his own effort as a “a long reflection on subconscious movement”. [Read more…]

18 Jaw Dropping Photos That Celebrate The Natural Beauty Of Breastfeeding Mothers

DSC_6727 copyBreastfeeding in public is always a hot topic of debate and a photographer from Illinois is looking to shed more positive light on the subject. Ivette Ivens has become a breastfeeding advocate of sorts, having breastfed her own two children, the bond it helped to develop between mother and child inspired the photographer to undertake a beautiful photography project in which Ivens photographs women breastfeeding their children, usually in nature, to help signify just how natural of an activity breastfeeding actually is. [Read more…]

Adorable Photos of Squirrels in a Backyard Studio

mishroom whisper

Geert Weggen, a Swedish photographer and carpenter, built an outdoor studio near his kitchen window. Using a bit of food to lure the squirrels, the studio allows him to capture these cute photos from the comfort of his own home.

Thanks to the various props and sets he created, Geert’s squirrels can be seen whispering to mushrooms, putting on the kettle and getting some work done in the garden.

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Photographer Dad Turns His Baby Son Into A Mini Superhero For Playful Portrait Series

6 Madd-stunts-kerrypark-BrandonHillPhotos

Maddex, a 1 1/2 year old boy from Seattle, Washington was born into a life of superherodom thanks to his awesome pro photographer dad, Brandon Hill. Putting his camera skills to work, Hill creates wondrous photos of his son living out some very adventurous daydreams. Whether casually relaxing on the iconic signage over Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market or precariously perched atop a telescope for some hometown sightseeing, Maddex’s charming go get ’em attitude has our inner child begging to come out and play. [Read more…]

Photographer Covers Models In Honey To Create Stunning Preservation Portrait Series (NSFW)


The idea behind Preservation, was somewhat of an after thought. It occurred to Blake Little while shooting a male eating honey. That original concept was meant to bring the bear like qualities of the man to attention through the incorporation of honey. As he was shooting the man eating honey, Little noted the stereotypical idea was one of the more cliche photos he had created. As he sorted through the images from that shoot, he singled out the man’s hand, which was completely covered in honey–the amber colored liquid slowly rolled down his hand before dripping off his fingertips in a very captivating way. [Read more…]

The Atlas of Beauty Compares Gorgeous Women from 37 Countries

Kichwa woman in Amazonian rainforest

Kichwa woman in Amazonian rainforest

Mihaela Noroc is a 29 year old photographer from Romania who decided to quit her boring job and spend her life savings on a worldwide photographic trip.

The Atlas of Beauty is about our planet’s diversity shown through portraits of women”, she says in an interview with DIYPhotography.

Since she started this project two years ago she has visited 37 countries, and hopes to eventually photograph women in every country in the world.

So far she has done so in every continent other that Antarctica and the results are both stunning and thought provoking.

Noroc chooses to photograph only good-looking women, and it is this common denominator that makes the comparison of local cultures and standards of beauty so powerful.

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Dancers Bare It All In Streets Of NYC For Striking Portrait Series: Dancers After Dark [NSFW]

Dancers After Dark by Jordan Matter

Dancers After Dark by Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter, the photographer behind New York Times Bestseller, Dancers Among Us, has been hard at work on his next project, Dancers After Dark. Once again, Matter has teamed up with a handful of professional dancers to photograph them performing their artistic movements, but with Dancers After Dark, Matter takes a riskier approach. The dancers, all of whom are nude, take to the pre-dawn New York City streets where they slip into their birthday suits and strike a pose.

“There is no obvious reason why any of these amazing performers would volunteer for this project; it’s cold, it’s late, it’s dangerous, it’s illegal, it’s unpaid, and, of course, it’s NAKED,” Matter said. [Read more…]

An Optical Illusion That Turns Celebrities Photos Into Monsters (But Only In Your Mind)

Take a minute to watch the video above. Focus on the middle cross. Now watch it again and focus on either on the sides.

We have grown and were taught that celebrity headshots represent the ultimate beauty. And they usually do. But not always. An optical illusion called the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect”.

But…. It turns out that if you place two faces (attractive as they may be) next to each other and flash them rapidly, both faces features become exaggerated. While this is a relatively new find, Matthew B. Thompson explains some of its aspects:

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