How I created This Gorgeous RED Portrait


For no particular reason red was never my first choice when it came to planning the colour pallette of a photo shoot, so a while back I decided that at some point I would throw myself wholly at it and try and create some beautiful high impact images. Like with all my ideas it had taken root and I knew that given time it would grow into a concept that would eventually be realised…

Then a few months ago I was given the opportunity to shoot in an aircraft hangar at my local airport, now being granted access to such an incredible location I knew I wanted to plan and shoot an editorial that had a very rich, elegant almost regal feel to it whilst having this emphasis on the colour red. After weeks of planning looks and working with the stylist and various designers, the morning of the shoot we faced a massive problem. The problem wasn’t the freezing temperatures or the snow flurries but that fact that we now only had two hours to shoot as opposed to having the entire day as planned! As a result not only did we have to cut our shoot time but we had to accept that we may not have time to shoot all eight of the planned looks.

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The Versatile Beauty Dish – My Favourite Lighting Patterns


Most folks will be fairly familiar with the Beauty Dish and its usefulness in both fashion and general portraiture. In this tutorial I would like to share with you just how versatile I think the humble Beauty Dish can be and show you just how many lighting patterns you can create with my personal favourite light modifier.

First of all, I should describe exactly what a Beauty Dish is for those perhaps unfamiliar with the modifier. Beauty dishes are essentially large metal bowls, which typically are available in a variety of sizes such as 16″, 22″ or 27″ in diameter. They can be used with both studio strobe and speedlights with the correct speedring fittings.

Inside the dish is an internal reflector. This is a disc of metal, spaced a few inches in from the strobe. This deflects the light from the strobe and pushes the light towards the outside of the dish, ensuring that the only light hitting the subject has been reflected. This creates a very smooth, even and flattering light though this can also depend on the interior of the reflector. Beauty Dishes typically have silver or white interiors. Silver interiors are very specular and produce harder more contrasty light, whereas white interiors are softer and more even as the light inside gets more scattered before leaving the dish, reducing the specular reflections.

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Australian Fugitive Asks Police to Replace ‘Horrible Mugshot’; Gets Invited to Have a New Photo Taken


Victoria Police asked their 290,000 Facebook fans to help them locate a person named Daniel Damon, who is wanted for traffic and drug matters. The warrant was issued after Damon failed to answer bail and the police had hoped social media users would come to the rescue.

Among the many responses was one they weren’t expecting; Damon himself had responded and asked that another photo of him be used. “Can you use a better photo tho. This is a horrible mugshot”, his commented.

Proving they have a sense of humor, and perhaps hoping Damon’s running low on brain cells, Victoria Police asked him to check in for a new photo.

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Photographer Turns Friends into Their Favorite Foods


You know that feeling when you like some type of food so much that you start seeing it in people?

No? Me neither, but you might start after seeing this next series of photos.

In his latest project, ‘Cara-Comida’ (Face-Food), Brazilian photographer Junior Luz took food photography to another level as he turned his friends into their food of choice.

“I always looked at my friends and imagined their faces covered in food, so I decided to ask them what their favorite food is”, Junior told DIYP, and after a quick meeting with his team they worked out the logistics and began shooting.

The results are amusing, but bacon might scare you from now on.

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Velvet 56 Is The Portraits Lens You Always Wanted


Lensbaby is stepping up their game and their latest announcement from just a few minutes ago moves the company from the “toy lenses” market into the big guys game. Their newest Velvet 56 lens is aimed at portrait makers and is an object of desire.

This gorgeous, 9-bladed, lens just feels good, it is constructed from metal and has some details engraved into it. It comes in the most wonderful box along with instructions and some art. If you really life to feel exclusive you can get a silver edition for an extra $100.

The Lensbaby Velvet 56 has a max f/1.6 aperture and as other Lensbaby lenses it has a spectacular bokeh beautifully shaped with 9 aperture blades, making it an interesting creative choice for portraits. The lens also features macro capabilities at 1:2.

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Stunning Portraits Of Calcutta Street Vendors Posing With The Flowers They Sell

ken-hermannTravelling since he finished business college, like many wanderlusts, Ken Hermann first became interested in photography as a young adult. Still trying to figure out exactly which career he saw himself in, Hermann spent his time travelling and hoping the right choice would become clear. Not too long into his adventures did Hermann realize he wanted to become a photographer. In 2009, he finished his studies as an advertising photographer and got a job in a Copenhagen studio, which led him to a successful career ams a freelance photographer.

While on a trip to Calcutta, India, the street vendors selling vibrant flowers  caught the photographer’s eye. He carried their memory around with him for the following several years, visualizing the images in his mind. Finally, in 2014, Hermann made a return trip back to India to photograph the men and with their flowers.  [Read more…]

How To Photograph Three Indoor Window Light Portrait Styles

how to photograph three indoor window light portrait styles jp danko blurmedia photography

Since it’s the winter that won’t end, I though I’d share a few tips for how to photography three indoor window light portrait styles in the comfort of your own home using any camera.

I’m always amazed by how great window light can look and how easy it is to get completely different looks from such a simple light source – and the best part is that you can stay warm indoors too!

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Faceless Portraits Of 4th Graders Offers Telling Look At Family Life For Children Around The World

All images ©judygelles

All images ©judygelles

While volunteering in a fourth grade reading class in the United States, Judy Gelles found many of the students couldn’t relate to the stories they were assigned to study. To help get the children more interested in reading, Gelles had the idea to ask each of the 9 and 10 year old students to tell her their own stories. Gelles took it upon herself to write down all of their individual stories before reading them back to the children.

Gelles was intrigued almost instantly by the touching, and often sorrowful stories the children would candidly explain. Already an established photographer, Gelles was driven to share the poignant memoirs of modern childhood the most impactful way that she could. Thus, Fourth Grade was born. A five year long photography project that would take Gelles to classrooms across the US, India, China, Korea, and England, meeting with fourth graders and asking them all the same three questions: [Read more…]