Poll: You Have Gear?

motion gears -team force (by ralphbijker)It is time ofr another poll here at DIYP. Since we discuss gear alot ont he blog, I thought it will be interesting to see what is the relations between DIYP readers and their gear.

Personally I am a little GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) affected, however, with all the small tricks on the site that enable you to hack and mod even if you have little gear, I am sure we will see interesting results.

I am using twpoll for this for the first time, feel free to answer via twitter, facebook or right here on the blog. Would be grateful for retweeting this poll.

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46% Of DIYP Readers Love Strobes, Another 30% Go Natural

Photography Studio @ HomeAs part of the ongoing Studio @ Home series, I asked DIYP readers, what is your favorite photographic light

By that question I meant what is the light source you love most when you are taking pictures. Strobists you can cheer, but it was a close match. Again, thanks for all who voted and commented, it helps us learn about the trends, and makes a great community feeling.

Results and some thought after the jump.

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What’s Your Favorite Light

Photography Studio @ HomeAfter doing nothing but moving pausing for a short while to let everyone suck in the goods on Studio @ Home, we’re going to continue to explore lighting options. We already discussed LED lights, and we’ll be exploring worklights, strobes and big guns next. Till then, I’d love to hear what you use for lighting your pictures. 

If your answer is not on the list, let us know via the comments.

The other thing is that we are going to have a new assignment on S@H. get your cameras ready. And now on with the entrée. 

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Where Do You Take Your Studio Pictures – Poll Results

Photography Studio @ HomeAbout a week ago, I asked DIYP readers where do they take most of their studio pictures. The matter of setting up a home studio is strongly related to having a place to set the studio at. 

We’ve all seen how a studio can be set up in under three minutes (ok, timelapse cheating, but still), so it was interesting to learn how DIYP readers coped with this issue. Full results and some thoughts after the jump.

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Where Do You Take Your Studio Pictures

Photography Studio @ Home

With the Studio @ Home series going on, I thought that it would be really interesting to share and learn about the “habits” and locations that DIYP readers use as random (or permanent) studio locations. This is the first poll ever on DIYP and I am very exited about it and looking forward to hearing on your photography life.

Some of the setups you have shared on this thread, and more shares are welcomed. However, an image of a setup is not necessary, simply tell us where you improvise your studio. From bedrooms to kitchens, let us know where you shoot. If your place is not on the list, let us by sharing in the comments.

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