Unique Photography Project Takes ‘Self Portrait’ To All New Levels

In a world that is so obsessed with selfies,  it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but the unusual technique adopted by American photographer, Brigette Bloom, may just steal the show. Bloom, an advocate for film photography, soaks rolls of film in her own urine before exposing it. Yes, you read that correctly, she pees on unprocessed film.


Bloom uses a variety of techniques to process her film including steeping it in her own urine.

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How To Make Instant 4×5 Film At Home

If you are a medium format photographer you could not have missed the dwindling supply chain of Polaroid 4X5 sheets. They are almost impossible to get nowadays. You can get some on eBay for an ounce of flesh or mortgaging your house, but the sad truth is that they are no longer manufactured and existing stocks will not last forever.

How To Make Instant 4x5 Film At Home

Instructable user julsdylan has been trying to create a home brew for for his 4×5 camera inspired by the New55 Film project. (new55 aims at creating a 4×5 instant film). The results are surprisingly good. [Read more...]