The Pinolga – A Beautiful DIY Cardboard Holga-Style Pinhole Camera


It’s been a long while since we posted any decent pinhole cameras, so I was truly happy to receive this one – The Pinolga – A Beautiful DIY Cardboard Holga-Style Pinhole Camera. Completely made out of cardboard.

The camera made by Ray Panduro is completely made out of cardboard to resemble (one to one) the old plastic medium format Holga. As such it also accepts rolls of medium film. (It shoots 12 6×6 photos on a roll). For the pinhole fanatics, the camera has an f-stop of about F/177 – F/180 and focal length of about 55mm.

Here are some photos of more photos of the camera, followed by photos taken with the camera (slightly blurred from movement)

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How To Build A Room Sized Camera Obscura (+ Timelapse)

We heard how dangerous it could get outdoors with all the traffic-crossings, pollen, rays of UV and so on, so we decided to stay inside and paint our walls with a live stream of the outside world…


For those less familiar with such witchcraft, this phenomenon is known as ‘camera obscura’…

First decoded by none other than legendary Arabic scientist, Alhazen, the surreal projections of light through a pinhole have been observed across a myriad of generations, eras and cultures – Today it is observed on DIYP.

Using no more than materials essentially considered rubbish, is it astounding to realize this simple manipulation of light we currently bask in is what eventually lead to development of the device currently reshaping the landscape of art (and spurred this DIY culture):
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