Mother ‘Horrified’ After Studio Photoshops Daughter’s Birthmark


Retouching of images has become a widely-debated topic in recent years, especially in the context of advertising.  But even traditional family photographers run into this issue at times.  Some clients want to be made to look like supermodels, others prefer a more accurate representation, and sometimes photographers are left wondering which case a particular shoot may fall into.

Lauren Holsten took her 18-month-old daughter, Lexi, to get her portrait taken by a local studio in the UK.  Nothing out of the ordinary about that.  However, when Lauren went to pick up the photos from the studio, she was “horrified” to see that they had digitally removed her daughter’s birthmark from her face.

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Attorney Faces Suspension After Photoshoping Herself Into Photos With Celebrities


Screen shot showing a few of the many photoshopped images on the lawyers website.

A California lawyer, Svitlana Sangary, is facing legal trouble of her own after she was caught posting fake photos to her business website. Sangary added herself to dozens of photos, making the images appear as though she were personal acquaintances of different celebrities and politicians. The California Bar Association is now suggesting to the Supmreme Court that Sangary’s license be suspend for 6 months, followed by a 2 1/2 year probation period.

In her response to the disciplinary charges, Sangray sent the court a mini-novel which the courts called a “16-page soliloquy with little to no rational connection to the charges.” According to CNN, inside those 16 pages of  irrational response, Sangray attached a copy of an email she received which was addressed from President Obama (with whom she “posed” with for one of her photos) asking her to donate “$3 or more” to help his political campaign.  [Read more…]