Timelapse Showing High End Retouching using Affinity Photo

Ever since Affinity Photo was announced we were wondering how it will match up to Photoshop. Dracorubio took it for a round and was ok with it, though not overly impressed. Now photographer Felix Barjou gave it a spin for a full retouch session.

The retouch is sped up to about two and half minutes and for me it was not trivial to see any major differences in the workflow vs. the predominant Photoshop alternative. Can you?

Felix tells us that “This software is pretty cool. The corrector tool is more powerful than Photoshop, but some small things are missing, like invert a layer mask, keyboard shortcuts for wacom users and such, but it is still a beta version

As a PSA, Affinity Photo is still available as a free Beta, though we aren’t sure what ill happen to all the beta users once the software is completed.

In Praise of Photoshopping – Photography Is Easy – Art Is Hard

in praise of photoshopping photography is easy art is hard

As an artist, it makes me really sad when I read the comments from articles like this: “How To Take Magical Family Candids” or this: Alexia Sinclair’s Breathtaking Photo Shoot in a 350-Year-Old Frozen Castle or this: Ordinary People Shot As Superheroes with so many simply whining about the level of Photoshopping involved.

I have been a photographer for a very long time – but only recently have I actually started thinking about my work as art.

And that, I think is the difference…

I am going to go out on a ledge here and say it: If you are one of those people complaining how much Photoshop editing has been used to produce what is otherwise an amazing, gripping visual work of art – you’re not an artist – you’re just a photographer.

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Learn How to Instantly Remove Color Casts in Photoshop


Color casts are quite possibly one of the most annoying and frustrating issues photographers encounter during post processing, but unfortunately sometimes they cannot be avoided. In other cases photographers simply do not know how to correct this issue in camera.

Often caused by certain types of light or filters, color casts can be a royal pain in the butt to remove and many try and fail to successfully do so.

Enter Jimmy McIntyre’s latest video tutorial where he shows how to remove color casts with the click of a button.

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How To Add Steam To Food Photography (Using Photoshop)

Coffee Part 2 final (1)

Last week I did an article on how to capture steam in food photography right in camera. You can’t always have hot boiling water in every shoot or have really hot food (or frankly, sometimes it is just easier to do in post), yet there are times when you need to have steam. This is when you’ll add the steam in post production. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to add steam in photoshop.

Below, you will find two photoshop techniques for adding steam in photoshop.

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Photoshop Masters Fumble Around Version 1.0


When I think of names such as Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt I think of Photoshop gurus who will be able to walk me through anything the software has to offer, in their sleep.

While that might be true for the latest versions of Adobe software, watch what happens when Photoshop hall of famers and educators are asked to use Photoshop 1.0. Not even Photoshop CS 1, just 1.

Other than giving you a deeper sense of appreciation for just how awesome software is these days, this video will give you a few good laughs.

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Photographer Dad Turns His Baby Son Into A Mini Superhero For Playful Portrait Series

6 Madd-stunts-kerrypark-BrandonHillPhotos

Maddex, a 1 1/2 year old boy from Seattle, Washington was born into a life of superherodom thanks to his awesome pro photographer dad, Brandon Hill. Putting his camera skills to work, Hill creates wondrous photos of his son living out some very adventurous daydreams. Whether casually relaxing on the iconic signage over Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market or precariously perched atop a telescope for some hometown sightseeing, Maddex’s charming go get ’em attitude has our inner child begging to come out and play. [Read more…]

Cindy Crawford’s Photographer Threatens Lawsuit Over Fake Leaked Photo Of The Supermodel

Photo By Ian Smith

You may recall a couple weeks ago when a photograph of supermodel Cindy Crawford made it’s way around the internet. By modern beauty standards, especially those a model, the photo showed the 48 year old woman to have an unflattering midsection; however, much of the internet perceived the image in a positive light as it helped to break down those very same, and unfair, beauty standards women are held to. The photo was part of a shoot Crawford and photographer, John Russo were doing for the cover of Marie Claire (Mexico) in 2013, which ultimately turned out like this: [Read more…]

This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Make Celebrities Look Fat

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

We are so accustomed to celebrity photos being photoshopped that it becomes a big deal when an authentic image gets leaked.

Singers, models, actresses – you name it, their photos almost always get photoshopped, regardless of the image’s final use.

This 20-year-old Spanish artist has been very busy retouching celebrities as well, but not quite as you’d expect. David Lopera doesn’t slim waists, make legs skinnier or hide double chins. On the contrary, the bigger the better as far as Lopera is concerned, as he tries to convey the message that big is also beautiful.

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See How Photographers Would Photoshop Before Photoshop Existed


Don’t you just love the creative freedom and post-processing power that digital photography and Photoshop allow?

A couple of weeks ago a 12-year-old budding photographer asked me how Photoshop was used when shooting film was common practice.

This video, created by Lynda in tribute to 25 years of Photoshop, answers that exact question.

If you like to think of yourself as a “purist” and you don’t believe in post-processing because you “only do what was once done in the darkroom”, this video is for you as well.

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8-bit vs 16-bit – What Color Depth You Should Use And Why It Matters


When going into an edit process there is much confusion about what color depth should one use. Some pieces of knowledge are more relevant than others and some are not relevant at all. Either way, the selection of color depth in which you edit will have a huge impact on the final editing result.

The purpose of this article is to try and clear up the confusion about bit depth and give you advice on what bit depth to choose when you edit and output your images.

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