Images From Desolated, Disaster Stricken Chernobyl 30 Years Later


When I am thinking of sad places, Chernobyl always comes to mind. A place that was vibrant with life, up until April 1986. Then Reactor number 4 of the power plant exploded causing the evacuation of more than 350,000 people over the span of huge area and over 15 years.

Today the city is mostly a ghost town, aside from a few remaining residents.

Rebecca Litchfield is no stranger to the Soviet Union in general and to Chernobyl in particular. She has done two trips to the area, one in 2012 and one in April this year. The photos she brought back are some of the saddest I’ve seen.

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Time Sliced Shows Day To Night Transition From All Over The World In One Photograph


What if you could snap a full day to night transition with a click of a camera rather than just a split of a second? You can, of course, do this with a time lapse. But I am talking a single photo.

Photographer Richard Silver did just this with his “Time Sliced” project. The photographs in this project show iconic buildings and each photo in this project is made from 36 photos taken at intervals and spliced together to make a full day to night transition.

I was wondering how Richard left the camera for a full day at one location and he told DIYP that

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Photographer Builds An Entire City From Blocks In His Studio


Italian photographer Matteo Mezzadri wanted to show a different perspective of a city and for that he built a whole city in his studio. Sadly (or happily for us), Mezzadri built a city equivalent in his studio.

The city is built from red blocks and is not built after a real city. Mezzadri tells inmybag that

…[the project] “Città Minime” [minimal city] explores the space in which the majority of people live, an urban space recognizable in its essential structures: the buildings, the roads, the trees, although seen from a different point of view that distorts and recreates them.

The shots are the result of a meticulous, almost obsessive staging in which the picture remains the only evidence of large-scale installations made in the photographer’s studio or outdoors. The use of Photoshop is minimized, while the atmosphere is recreated with a clever use of technical devices.

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House Of Book Is A Magical Project Showing Libraries From All Over The World


Libraries are magical places and deserve to be treated this way. Way before we had all the human knowledge in the palm of our hands, that knowledge was located in huge buildings called libraries. As centers of data they were built to store massive amounts of book in an efficient way, as well as to allow the inquisitive mind access those books.

In an ongoing project, French photographer Franck Bohbot started photographing libraries in Rome  and plans to expand to Europe, South America, Asia and North America. In his artist statement he shares that “This is about the places that we have learned and where the books stayed for decades. Paying tribute to the Architects. the light, the composition and the colors have to be coherent in all the series

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Time Of War Is An Epic Body And Ashes Series [NSFW]


It seems that throwing powder at models is becoming increasingly popular (like here and here), raising the bar on the required vision so these kind of photos will carry any impact.

And impact is delivered in Olivier Valsecchi’s work Time Of War. But Olivier does not use flour or pigments and he opted for ashes instead. Which makes sense as this series is about Samsara – “the denial of death, and the hope for an extended or endless living”

In an interview to resourcemagonline Oliver shares that

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Photographer Captures Stunning Images of Naked Free-Runner in London [NSFW]

Kings-Cross-Dash- copy copy

Photographer and parkour athlete Jason Paul has created a stunning collection of images with his “Man & Mortar” project. The images are inspired by the poses of ancient statues and monuments while using London as its canvas.

Jason Paul photographed a fellow parkour athlete and World Champion Free Runner Tim Shieff. In his review of the project, Jason states:

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Portraits of Topless People Shot With A Taser

Usually we try and look our best when we get our portraits taken, but how can one look good while being stunned with a taser seconds before the shutter snaps? Photographer Patrick Hall worked his charms to get volunteers to have their portraits taken just like that. After being stunned. With 300,00 Volts. By a significant other.

While the portraits are interesting as whole, the experience is worth noting as well. Patrick shares:

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These Photos Of Old Iranian Mosques Redefine Symmetry


23 years old photographer, Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, from Babol, Iran took it upon himself to document the old beauty found in Iran. He is shooting Mosques , Hammams (bathrooms ) , Symbols , Churches , historical sites , Old houses , Special structures , Windcatchers, giving a unique point of view on those hard to shoot locations.

The symmetry in Mohammad’s photography is incredible and while the places are amazing in their own right, Mohammad’s definitely adds his touch to each photo.

While most of the photography is done in public places, getting ‘pro’ gear such as tripods is usually forbidden. We asked Mohammad how he approached them:

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Watch These Brave Children Destroy Monsters In This Awesome Portrait Series


There are few things in life more inventive than a child’s imagination. From an artistic standpoint, we could probably all benefit from the ability to tap into our inner child every once in a while. That’s exactly what French photographer, Laure Fauvel, has done for a recent collection of portraits titled “Terrors” that show children battling off monsters of nightmarish proportion.

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