Amateur Astrophotographer And Hubble Space Telescope Join Forces To Snap M106

Amateur Astrophotographer And Hubble Space Telescope Join Forces To Snap M106

Here is what happens when great talents are combined with great resources. Physician and astrophotographer Robert Gendler was granted access to the Hubble Space Telescope archives (actually we all are)

Instead of stitching an image made solely from the Hubble data, Robert filled in the blanks with photographs he and a fellow astrophotographer taken in New Mexico. The result is a glorious photostitch of the M106 galaxy. [Read more…]

Eschersque Collages Created From High Contrast Photographs

As a kid I was fascinated with M.C. Escher’s drawings. I was intrigued by the intertwining details, if you’ve never heard of of M.C. Escher, or just want to reminisce, I highly recommend getting one of his books.

Eschersque Collages Created From High Contrast Photographs

Russian Photographer Alexey Menschikov is doing something similar with his photographs. Alexey creates all kinds of intriguing graphic shadow art. His subjects, including groups of pigeons, cats, dogs, and even people, are all perfectly placed with shadows perfectly cast. The sharp contrast of black and white tones along with Menschikov’s composition create a visual pattern of shapes in both the negative and positive spaces. [Read more…]

AimishBoy In Wonder Land (Interview)

In the following post, Tomer Jacobson interviews AimishBoy (aka Nadav Bagim).

Every once in a while a photographer comes along and makes you drop your jaw. You stare flabbergasted at the screen and for long minutes try to understand how the hell did they accomplish this shot. How he had you stop and marvel a new thing after you think you’ve seen it all.

AimishBoy In Wonder Land (Interivew)

This is exactly what happened to me (Tomer Jacobson) when I saw the amazing pictures of AimishBoy for the first time. [Read more…]

Mrs Scissorhands – Shoot Anatomy: Q&A With Benjamin Von Wong

Mrs Scissorhands - Q&A Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Montreal. In this post we try to get inside his brains with some Q&A about a recent concept shoot: Mrs Scissorhands.

If you are just in it for the awesome lighting jump to the last part. If you want the whole enchilada, we start right after the jump.

Oh yea, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ben here on DIYP soon. [Read more…]

21 Photographs And Lighting Setups For Every Occasion

21 Photographs And Lighting Setups For Every OccasionIt would be very pretentious of me to declare that looking at the photographs and diagrams below will teach you how to light. That said, looking at the photographs and setups and trying to understand the motivation behind the lighting will give you a good start when dealing with similar lighting dilemmas.

You can always come back to this post to see how a particular image was lit to make a similar setup or to use it as a stepping stone for your own. [Read more…]

31 Angels (And Spidermen, Sportacuses and Doras)

Kindergarten Custom PartyA few weeks back I was asked by my daughter’s kindergarten teacher to come and take everyone’s portraits of a kindergarten custom party.

Of course I said yes. Then I hit me. I am scared sick from staying home alone with my daughter and one of her friends, how the heck am I going to manage 35 kids running around?

OK, I’ll talk about kids a bit later. Before this let’s talk setup. 

[Read more…]