14 Years Old Shares Amazing Conceptual Portraits, Shares BTS and Setups

We’re quite fond on conceptual photography here on DIYP. We love BTS, so of course we love BTS of conceptual photography.

This specific stream is even more impressive as both the pictures and the BTS sneak peeks are coming from 14 years old Zev Hoover (AKA Fiddle Oak)

Zev Hoover

From Natick, USA Zev Hoover creates amazing conceptual self portraits. Zev tells that he is working on this project with his 18 years old sister – Nellie. Luckily for us all, Zev recently started a blog where he explains how he makes the photographs.

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Forced Perspective and Anamorphic Illusions Used To Create An Impossible World

We’ve all played with forced perspective as tourist pinching the sun, holding the Eiffel tower in our hands or pushing the leaning tower of Pizza.

Honda took this idea to extreme and combined it with anamorphic illusions to crate a world where the rules of physics do not exist anymore.

Watching the movie unfold and seeing each of the shots “explained” by providing a broader view will make you believe in magic again.

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Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40′s Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is known for taking high speed photography to the extreme. (And for poking at a $12K Profoto setup with a $500 Einstein).

Milky Pin-Ups Are Traditional-40S Pinup Photos Made With High-Speed Milk [NSFW]

Jaroslav’s latest endeavor involves nostalgia, naked girls and some incredibly well executed high speed photographs of milk.

The project aims at creating a pin up calendar inspired by the popular pinup calendars of the 40′s and 50′s. Only instead of clothing, the models are wearing milk. Milk frozen with high speed strobes. [Read more...]

Nature Forces: Photographer Captures Two Lighting Bolts Over The Grand Canyon

Photographers Rolf MaederScott Stulberg and Holly Kehrt planned to take a sunset photographs trip to the Grand Canyon.

After taking the two hours’ drive from Sedona the conditions were not optimal and the air was a bit hazy. Luckily for Rolf, the party decided to take is slow and look for some other viewpoints.

Nature Forces: Photographer Captures Two Lightings Over The Grand Canyon

As they were waiting, a lightning storm emerged at the east end of the canyon, providing a perfect lighting show at a safe distance. The fact that the storm was far away, and the cars were nearby for fast escape, allowed them to setup tripods and do some long exposures. [Read more...]

Photographs Of Neatly Arranged Dissembled Old Gadgets

Disassembling gadgets and photographing them arranged in a neat way is the new geek porn. Almost every new camera, iPhone, Galaxy and why do I need this gadget gets this treatment which usually results in a beautiful OCD-ish photograph. Here are a few samples by Todd Mclellan, Martin Kozák and Kelly Hofer.

But what about the old gadgets, the long forgotten ones, the dial phone, the original Sony Walkman?

Photographs Of Neatly Arranged Dissembled Old Gadgets

Photo editor Gabriel Menashe does just this. He gives those old gadgets a new life as photographs of neatly arranged dissembled components. The project is called Taking Apart. [Read more...]

Can You Spot The Lego Elements?

Have a good look at this North American “Postcard”. Can you spot a glitch in the matrix? Most observers can’t, unless specifically told to look for one.

Can You Spot The Lego Elements?

Australian Photographer Dean West and New York Based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya crated a unique gallery of those North American postcard that aside from being astoundingly beautiful feature a Lego object crafted to look as close to the real thing as possible. [Read more...]