Photos Of Lights Powered By Fruits

Over the years, we shared quite a few ways to power your lights, but nothing we shared was as inspiring as this Back To Light series by Caleb Charland (interviewed here).

Photos Of Lights Powered By Fruits

Caleb Wires fruits and vegetables in a way similar to the classic electricity-from-potato weekend experiment, only he uses arrays of eatery and visually appealing light fixtures. He then takes a pictures of the power created.

Once the photo was taken, Caleb recycles the fruits by composting them or feeding them to the animals in the forests around his house. [Read more…]

Close And Personal Photos From The Heart Of The Revolution In Kiev, Ukraine

2 Days In Kiev, Ukraine

Ukranian photographer Ilya Varlamov has been covering the uprising in Kiev, Ukraine over the last few weeks. He shared his experience along with an incredible series of photographs and allowed us to post them on the blog to increase the spread of the story. The post below describes two days in Kiev: January 22 and 23. Some of the photos may be hard to watch. Aside this post, Ilya has an ongoing coverage of the uprising on his livejournal account (some in Russian, some in English).

In the last days I received multiple requests to translate my posts for foreign readers, as they have very limited information about the happenings in Ukraine. This material describes events which took place in Kyev on January 22 and 23.

Sharing and distribution is appreciated. [Read more…]

Milk & Sea Is A Collection Of Mermaids Photographed Across Europe

Czech photographer Hana Vojackova was drawn to images of mermaids but she noticed that the common concept of mermaids lacked connection to the real and present world.

Milk & Sea Is A Collection Of Mermaids Photographed Across Europe

She began a multi-country journey where she “[looked] for local girls who felt a bit different or special. Influenced by the places, the cultures and the girls’ real lives, she created narratives that she then staged for the tableau photographs#

So far Hana found mermaids in Sicily, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, England & Iceland. [Read more…]

These Conceptual Iphone Photos Show That Creativity Trumps Gear Every Time

Photographer and artist Brock Davis has a very unique view on the objects surrounding him. He sees something funny or clever or inpiring in almost every trivial item.

While he shoots for big names like Wired, New York Times and Esquire Magazine (to name a few) he also takes pleasure with a more personal project involving nothing more than an iPhone and a healthy dose of creativity.


We asked Brock about the series and the concept behind it: [Read more…]

A Keen Eye And A $130 Housing – Beautiful Photos Shot With Fuji X-E2 Underwater

I find it amazing how photos that were completely out of reach for most, are now becoming available as cameras are getting better, smaller, cheaper and more capable. Take this underwater shoot by Czech photographer Pavel Schlemmer with nothing more than a Fujifilm X-E2 and a Aquapac 451 housing. Basically a small camera in a nylon bag. results are amazing.

A Keen Eye And A $130 Housing - Beautiful Photos Shot With Fuji X-E2 Underwater

As a photographers, we get that unique opportunities to see things from a different perspective, so when I got a call “If I’m interested in shooting a report from a synchronized swimming event” I immediately knew, I need to see it & shoot it from underwater. [Read more…]

2D Or Not 2D Challenges Our Perception Of Three Dimensional Photos

Usually when we look at a photo we have a pretty strong intuition if it is a two dimensional illustration or a three dimensional object reduced to a two dimensional photo.

2D Or Not 2D Challenges How We Perceive Three Dimensional Photos2D Or Not 2D Challenges How We Perceive Three Dimensional Photos

This is definitely not the case with the 2D Or Not 2D series from photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make up artist Valeriya Kutsan.

In a series of portraits they mimicked various sketching techniques on living models and photographed the results. You could probably swear that some of those are sketches or Photoshop manipulation. But no, they are real live portraits. [Read more…]