Portland Photographer Sues City After They Accuse Him of Trademark Violation


As a kid, I always loved receiving mail.  It was exciting and made one little narcissist-in-training feel important.  As an adult, I loath mail.  What isn’t junk mail is bills, and I would be perfectly content to do without.

However, one piece of mail that Portland, Oregon photographer Jeff Kunkle was not expecting was a bill for $100 from the city for selling his own photographs.

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White House Lifts Ban on Photography, But With Limitations


In a move reversing a 40-year ban that I didn’t even know existed, the White House has lifted its photography restrictions.  For more than four decades, visitors to the White House have not been allowed to take photos during tours.  With this new decision, you will be allowed to document your visit, selfie all over the place, and share your bunny ears on Secret Service guards on social media.  However, there are still restrictions…

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New EU Proposal Could Make It Impossible To Take Photos In Public


Will public photography soon be impossible in Europe?  A new proposal being submitted in the European Union parliament may mean almost that.

Freedom of Panorama” is a a term we don’t hear frequently, but its importance is vital to the photography community.  In short, Freedom of Panorama is a part of copyright law that gives individuals the freedom to create works of art (whether they be paintings, family snapshots, professional images, videos, etc.) in public.  The specifics vary from country to country, but, in many places around the world, this is allowed for both personal and commercial use.

However, opponents within the EU want to pass legislation removing this freedom in all European countries.  This would mean that, when taking any photograph or creating a video in public, you must obtain the permission of the copyright holder for any copyrighted work that may appear in it, including buildings, landmarks, and works of art.

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‘You been told’ – Angry man confronts drone pilots on beach

Imagine this:  Two guys on a beach, sipping margaritas and baring their souls to each other.  After a while, they decide to spend some time flying their drones around, leaving smoke trails in the sky.  We aren’t certain what all these guys may have been doing prior to testing out their drones, but Kevin Henderson was kind enough to upload a video of the confrontation for the rest of us to play armchair expert.

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Photographer Incites Outrage Over Nude Photos Inside Forbidden City

While China typically seems content with simply taking our souls in exchange for feeding our rampant materialism with affordable products, they seem to have picked up a little American prudishness along the way.  Chinese photographer Wang Dong (stop snickering, thou perverts) has sparked a considerable deal of outrage after posting nude photos of models taken inside the Forbidden City.

The images, which surfaced on the Interwebs in May, depict bare-chested and fully naked models posing throughout the palace museum. One model is even pictured riding a stone dragon that is part of the architecture.  (Creativity…what will they think of next?). The 2 corresponding tumblr posts [NSFW] received over 3,100 notes and reblogs.

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Correctional Officers Threaten To Have Camera Crew Arrested While Filming on Sidewalk

First off, allow me to preface this post by saying that I regard anything coming from Photography Is Not a Crime with suspicion. From what I’ve learned in life, anyone who is that dogmatic about something is typically biased.

With that out of the way, PINAC posted a video showing a June 11th run-in with correctional officers in Baltimore who demanded a PINAC film crew (and I use that term loosely) cease operations on the sidewalk outside the Chesapeake Detention Facility. In the video, a correctional officer tells them, “Nah, nah…state property, you can’t film here.” To which the PINAC crew said hogwash and began a typical round of photo rights protesting.

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Australian PM’s Chief of Staff Demands Photographer Delete Images of Her

I don’t know much about Australian politics, and I barely give a rodent’s rump about American politics, to be honest. But, from what I’ve gathered, Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is a bit of a hot topic with our friends down under. (What’s with you Commonwealth countries always electing a Tony into office anyway?)

Yesterday was no exception as Credlin demanded AAP photographer Tracey Nearmy delete images she had captured of the staffer at a media event hosted in the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne.
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‘Drunk and Disgruntled’ Neighbor Swats DJI Phantom 3 Drone Out of the Sky


Some people love drones, others hate them. Hate them so much in fact that they can’t help themselves when they see one.

The guys over at Lucky 7 Drones say they were busy shooting instructional videos on the DJI Phantom 3 when an intoxicated, half-naked neighbor decided to put an end to their day.

“If you put that over my house I’m gonna be pissed off, you understand me?”, said the neighbor, not waiting more than a couple of seconds before ensuring the drone doesn’t go anywhere near his house.

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Journalist Forced to Stop Recording as ‘Tripods Are Not Allowed on New York City Property’

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

“A few Sundays ago, on May 10, 2015, I went down to a public pier in New York City (Pier 11) to shoot a fun video about the interesting fleet of boats…”, said Josiah Ryan of The Blaze, but what happened that day left him “shaken and pondering what kind of First Amendment rights journalists, photographers, and members of the public actually have on their public property in New York City”.

Ryan, who as stated was on public property, was forced to stop recording after a security guard told him that “tripods are not allowed on New York City property”.

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Colorado law makes police harassment of photographers illegal

I know that we have been reporting many anti photography laws lately. It’s a drag. But sometimes, the law makers surprise us and actually work towards making the world a better place for photographers..

This new Colorado law is called “Stop Police Interference Cop Incident Recordings”. The summary of the proposed bill stated:

“The bill creates a private right of action against a peace officer’s employing law enforcement agency if a person records an incident involving a peace officer and a peace officer destroys the recording or seizes the recording without receiving consent or obtaining a warrant or if the peace officer intentionally interferes with the recording or retaliates against the person making the recording. The person who recorded the peace officer incident is entitled to actual damages, a civil penalty of $15,000, and attorney fees and costs.”

We are happy to announce to our police-stalking shutterbugs that House Bill 15-1290 was signed into law by Colorado governor Hickenlooper (gotta love a man of power with that name) on May 20th.

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