Photographer and Assistant Seriously Injured In Photo Shoot Explosion

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even in the world of photography. Sometimes they incur only minor setbacks, sometimes it’s very costly. And, other times, they can be life-threatening. That is the reality for photographer Helmut Montoya and a production assistant who were both injured on Tuesday when a photo shoot in a Fort Lauderdale junk yard went awry causing an explosion. According to sources, the crew was using candles on set, and it is believed that the flames incidentally ignited lingering fuel vapors in nearby cans, setting things off.

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HTC Promotes Its 24 Karat Gold One M9 By Photographing It With An iPhone


What’s the best way to promote your 24 karat gold flagship phone? Photograph it with your best competitor’s phone and send to media. Or at least this is what HTC must be thinking.

HTC released a premium version of their HTC One M9 made from 24K gold. As far as we know there is no way to obtain this phone via stores (though it may eventually pop on eBay), and the only way to get one is to be one of the selected few who receive it in the UEFA Champions League season finale.

And how do HTC go about creating buzz about this phone? They tweet it’s photo. But one keen eyed follower noted a weird reflection on one of the phones. A closer examination clearly shows – the photo was taken with an iPhone 6. The tweet was taken down, but you can see a snap of it below

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Canon Unveils… Self Promotion Site, Disappointing Millions Around The Globe


Two days ago Canon started a 48 hour countdown under the domain, hinting on a something new and big technology (and as much as I hate to sar game changer, there have been talks about that as well).

Canon signed the message with “AT CANON, WE SEE IMPOSSIBLE”.  Previous similar announcements have been quite a disappointment with Canon starting a contest or releasing a camera bag. We were hoping to see something big this time as Canon also invested in a full page ad in the New York Times.

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PSA: Always Remeber To Sandbag Your C Stand

Earlier this year, southern California was hit with several big storms. Home owners used sand bags to protect their houses from the 14-16 feet high waves. In a wonderful gesture, community volunteers at Seal Beach helped residents fill up sand bags which are used to block the wave’s impact.

CBS local reporter Michele Gile was covering this event on site. Ironically it looks like Gile may have been caught up in a sand bag situation of her own. Youtuber GasperEdits shares an out-take showing why it is so critical to always, always sandbag your C-stands.

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P.S. We are giving away karma points if you spot the irony