24 Things Photographers Say (And What They Really Mean)

things-photographers-say-diyphotography-001 Every profession has its jargon. Each has its own language that only those within it can truly understand. Photography is no different. Part of our lexicon comes from the technical aspects of what we do, while an equally significant portion springs from the artistic side. In either case, photography is definitely one of life’s activities where it’s not just a matter of walking the walk– you also have to talk the talk. A word of caution, though, because it’s important to know that things photographers say can often mean something completely different. Choose your words carefully. Time for a short disclaimer– I’m going to be poking fun at a lot of people with this post– myself included. Every one of us has uttered at least two or three of these expressions at some point in our photographic lives. If you claim otherwise, I salute you– and have a bridge to sell you. [Read more...]

Annie Does Disney

One of my personal favorite photographers – Annie Leibovitz was recruited to crate the fantasy of every photographer (and every kid alive).

In a project designed to celebrate Disney’s ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ Annie is shooting celebs dressed up as Disney’s all time favorite characters. Check out Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, Beyoncé as Alice and David Beckham as Prince Phillip. Check out my personal most-charming-in-the-world-ever favorite Rachel Weisz as snow white.

Check out the cool behind the scenes (media player, real player) to see
some of the lighting and allot of Annie’s eye-level approach that makes
her photos feel so natural. (You can also get a glimpse on the amount of octagon softboxes on the scene)

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