Turn Your Smartphone Into an Awesome Macro Camera With This Simple Hack


Smartphones are great, whether you’re grabbing quick snapshots of the kids smearing icing on themselves, making a low-budget film (they’re surprisingly good, actually), or immortalizing your visage in a selfie.  But, without interchangeable lenses, one area where they lack is in focal control.  Having this power over your technology is important for things like macro photography.  While there are a variety of hacks for using your smartphone to capture tiny details, some can get rather complicated.

Instructables user Znaffi (we’ll call him Mr. X) shows us how to use a simple water droplet to turn your mobile device into a macro powerhouse.  We touched on this a while back, but Mr. X gives us a full breakdown of this simple and basically-free technique.

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How To Build A DIY Lightroom Gamepad Controller For 1 Buck

cull-topI’m a true believer in “laziness is the mother of all invention” and also in “cheapskate is the father of all DIY” – just kidding! My name is Ori, I am an avid DIYer, an electronics (and photography) hobbyist and I’ve got the biggest junk collection you can imagine. Nothing makes me happier than justifying the use of the whole room it takes up. To my wife, that is.

This is a story of how a fun day of carting with my team at work turned into a DIY “Cullinator” for Adobe LightRoom with a Foxconn gamepad that the IT department dumped  (and I happily salvaged) and some sharewares I coaxed to cooperate with one another.

So we were indoor-carting the other day. I was there, as always, with my Nikon D60 and my (incompatible) SB80DX strobe, trying to get all artistic with long exposures and motion zooming while also letting my friends experiment with my DSLR and having fun seeing the look on their faces when they realize they have to put their eye up to the eyepiece…

Anyways, lighting conditions were really poor, very uneven, high iso, with moving targets, a kit lens and a flash that doesn’t even talk iTTL with the camera – a disaster in the making. I came home to discover I have to postprocess 99.5% of the 200-odd photos we all took. I wish I had a ‘cullinator’… hummmm… I do have a gamepad somewhere, don’t I? Yes! This is going to be fun! Googled “macro for lightroom” and I find ‘Paddy’. [Read more…]