Pentax Unveils The Pentax K-3 II Declaring It To Be The Sharpest APC To Date


Ricoh just announced the Pentax K-3 II. The camera is the successor to the popular Pentax K-3. The camera has some similarities to the prior K-3 and some new features.

The K-3 II has the same magnesium alloy casing, metal chassis as the K3, and a sensor featuring 24.35 effective megapixels.

As far as focus is concerned the camera has a 27-point AF system and it can shoot up to approximately 8.3 frames per second.

One of the raved additions to the camera is an improved 4.5EV stop shake reduction system. Ricoh claims that it will be the sharpest APC to date and also included a selectable anti-aliasing filter, which can be turned on or off to either garner the highest resolution and sharpness possible or provide enhanced protection against moiré.

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Pentax To Release A Full Frame DSLR And Two Full Frame Zoom Lenses


Pentax is taking a serious step forward with its latest announcement that it’s developing a full frame K-mount DSLR.

Not much is known about the camera, but according to DPReview it will be compatible with DA lenses using a crop function and Pentax shooters will be able to get their hands on it by the end of 2015.

Sports and wildlife shooter won’t have to wait that long to get new gear with two telephoto zoom lenses being released in March.

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Pentax K-S1: A DSLR Camera Built for a Generation of Beginners


Typically, DSLR cameras aren’t really ever about fashion over form. Almost every high-end model out there comes in a bulky black, various buttons surrounding an LCD screen, and an interface that just assumes you know exactly what you’re doing. And then there’s the Pentax K-S1, a mid-range DSLR camera that’s set to come in colors as vibrant as the entirety of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yesterday, I posted an article about Instagram, and it talked about the new generation of photographers growing up today with smartphones. If it wasn’t for smartphones, many of those people probably wouldn’t have ever gotten into photography, and the minimal touch screen interfaces they’ve been accustomed to are all that they probably know when it comes to using a camera. For older generations, that’s the equivalent of using a disposable or a compact point-and-shoot. With Pentax’s new K-S1, Ricoh attempts to build a bridge that fills that learning gap and draws younger photographers closer to the DSLR world.

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Pentax’s New Announcements: A Camera With Looks to Kill And A Wide-Angle Lens


With the latest entry in Ricoh’s Pentax Q-series, it looks like the company decided to take a page from Motorola’s precedence. The new Pentax Q-S1 comes in a choice of five body colors and eight grip colors, giving us an overwhelming 40 different color combinations that are made ready to order. But is that all that sets the new camera apart from last years Q7?

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