I Know Nikon Needs to Boost Sales but This Seems a Bit Much


A few weeks ago I mentioned Nikon’s latest financial results and its efforts to increase sales and diversify its revenue stream, but the latest product release appears to be somewhat of a desperate move.

No, Nikon didn’t announce the rumored 50MP camera or anything actually useful. The company’s latest release is a stainless steel hot shoe cover, with a big fat price tag for such a little, useless accessory.

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Use Nikon’s Lens Simulator to Pick Your Next Lens (Non-Nikon Shooters Too!)


People often know they need a longer lens but don’t know just how long is long enough, or need a wider lens but have no idea if the extra 2mm on the wide end of the 14-24mm are worth $550 more than the 16-35mm.

Nikon’s lens simulator is a great resource for anyone debating which focal length they need or how various focal lengths compare to each other.

The simulator starts at 14mm and zooms all the way in to 800mm for FX format lenses and 10mm to 300mm for DX lenses, showing the resulting angle of view at any given time.

Camera wise you can select between FX (full frame), DX (APS-C) and CX (mirrorless) format models, going back about 6 years and up until Nikon’s newest models.

This simulator can be just as helpful for Canon, Sony, Olympus and any other brand users. All you have to do is take into account the slightly different crop factor.

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Nikon Buys Medical Imaging Company Optos For $400 Million; Reduces Exposure To Camera Market


Last year we reported Nikon’s plan to invest almost $2 billion in mergers and acquisitions, mainly in the medical technology industry, in order to diversify its revenue sources and on Friday the company took a big step in following through with it.

In a deal valued at $400 million, which was described as “strategically important”, Nikon will take over a retinal imaging company called Optos.

The acquisition will strengthen the company’s presence in the medical segment and reduce its exposure to the declining digital cameras market.

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Nikon Officially Announced The D7200; 24.2 MP, Up To 7 FPS, Expanded Burst And ISO Range

There has been a lot of anticipation and a lot of speculation floating around as to when Nikon would announce the D7200 and what kind of upgrades we would see from it’s predecessor, the D7100. Wait no longer, as Nikon just spilled the beans on it’s newest DSLR. The camera is expected to be available in early April with a MSRP is $1,200 USD for the body only or $1,700 USD with the 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens. Since I know you’re anxious to see what it all has to offer, let’s cut straight to the chase. [Read more…]

Japan Has Spoken: Canon Dominates, Sony Dethrones Olympus And Nikon Stutter


Market research and analysis firm BCN announced the annual BCN Awards 2015.

Winners are determined based on sales volume, calculated from data gathered from thousands of sellers throughout Japan.

Canon seems to be doing better than ever, while Nikon is just barely holding its ground.

Sony gets its first taste of victory (and a painful failure) and SanDisk maintains its top spot.

A bit of digging reveals why names like Think Tank, Lowepro and Manfrotto won’t make the list.

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The First Nikon 4K Camera Rumored To Be Coming

Nikon 4K

According to the latest rumors, Nikon’s next mirrorless camera will include 4K video.

The Nikon 1 J5 is expected to be announced in the next few weeks, and if this rumor is true it will be Nikon’s first camera with 4K video recording capabilities.

While Nikon DSLR users will not be getting 4K just yet, this could be good news for them as well.

Will this put pressure on Canon to Release another 4K DSLR?

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BTS Look At How The Mesmerising “Parallax” Superbowl Commercial Was Photographed



Blair Bunting had all of three days to play around with his new Profoto B1 lights before he set out to photograph that awesome parallax Superbowl commercial for National Bank of Arizona. In case you missed it, you can watch it at the bottom of the post, but first, you can take a look at how he captured the ultra high definition moving photos in the 12-minute long behind the scenes clip he just posted over on Vimeo.

Bunting calls the gorgeous technique parallax, a term he borrowed and explains like this:

“What is parallax? Think of when you were in grade school and you had to do one of those cheesy plays…there is always a part in that play where some kid is on a boat made of a tricycle and cardboard, and they are in the rough ocean. In order to create this imaginary ocean in the elementary school cafeteria, they use whats called parallax. This is where they have on set of blue waves on a stick in front of the kid and one behind. The movement of these waves back and forth creates in your mind the idea of the ocean.”

To pull this off, he called on his Nikon D4s‘s burst mode and the wicked fast high speed sync capabilities of the B1 flash units. Check it out: [Read more…]

Nikon D810A Announced. Not Recommended For General Use.

Nikon’s first dedicated astrophotography DSLR promises to be the deep-sky photographer’s new best friend. Offering everything the D810 has to give, as well as some very useful new features specifically designed for astrophotography, this camera will take your photos to new heights.

The only downside of the D810A, at least until the price is announced, is that it is designed exclusively for astrophotography.

Even if you’re not into astronomy, these sample photos will make you want to get this camera.

UPDATE: the price has been announced – $3,800.

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