Interviews with a Nikon Product Manager and Lens Designers Offer Insight to the Company’s Processes


Nikon has recently uploaded a video interview with a couple of its lens designers which is the first volume in a series of videos titled ‘Philosophy of Nikkor’.

The name of the video, ‘What do designers think, and how do they create lenses?’, sums up the essence of it.

Another video interview, this one with a product manager for Nikkor lenses in Europe, lets us in to Nikon’s planning process and discusses some of the hottest topics surrounding the company and its competitors.

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Watch The Technology Under The Plastic In Nikon Lenses

We know that lenses are some of the most innovative piece of technology around. It actually quote surprising how much technology one can cram into what once was “just a piece of glass”. But today’s lenses feature so much tech and innovation that it is scary. This promotional clip from Nikon Asia shows how each of the different lens technologies look like once you take the lens shell away and look inside it.

The music is horrible, but it gives some great understanding on how a lens actually works, including some insight into the VR mechanism.

[NIKKOR Lens Technology via iso1200]