Fuji Announces the X-T1 IR, the World’s First Infrared Mirrorless Camera


We’ve previously shared how you can convert your existing dSLR to shoot infrared images, but this approach is very touchy, technical, and would most assuredly void the warranty on your camera.  Fortunately, for those wanting to shoot IR photos, Fuji has just announced X-T1 IR, the first mirrorless infrared camera.

“The X-T1 IR focuses on both excellent image quality as well as delivering incredible speed. It uses an extremely fast and accurate autofocus system, and is compatible with Ultra High Speed UHS-II SD memory cards. At up to 8 frames per second, the X-T1 IR is fit for any specialized workplace in need of first-rate photo quality, durability and performance.” – Fuji Press Release

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World’s Smallest Micro 4/3 Camera Will Give GoPro a Run For Its Money


We all love the GoPro for a variety of reasons.  But, one major drawback of the well-known action cam is a sacrifice on quality due to it’s sensor size.  Oh, and you’re kinda stuck with the stock the fisheye-like lens.

Z Camera is looking to give GoPro a run for their money with the introduction of the E1, the world’s smallest micro 4/3 camera with interchangeable lenses and 4K video.  Although it hasn’t yet hit mass production, this feat of photographic engineering is shaping up to be fun!

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Tom Cruise, ‘Scared Sh!tless,’ Hangs Outside a Plane During ‘Mission: Impossible’ Filming


I have never been a fan of Tom Cruise.  From mediocre acting to control-freak tendencies, he’s never really left much for met to get excited about.  Until now…

In the upcoming installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, which hits theaters at the end of the month, Tom gave his stunt double the proverbial finger and decided to risk his own life to accurately play his character.

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Olympus Goes Head to Head vs. Sony with Olympus Air – Smartphone Camera With SLR Quality and Features


Finally, after being envious of the Japanese market for several months, what is perhaps one of the best innovations in mobile phone photography has arrived in the US.

The Olympus Air is a powerful, interchangeable-lens camera that is controlled by your smartphone.  It is a standalone camera that should not be confused with simple adapters for your smartphone’s existing camera.  The Air itself, which just looks like an extension of the lens, boasts “SLR quality” images from its 16MP sensor and is compatible with all micro 4/3 lenses.

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43 Years Later, Nick Ut Revisits the Scene of ‘Napalm Girl’

War is tragic, and no one who has not lived through it can begin to understand its horrors. Yet, perhaps that is one of the reasons I was so captivated by it as a child. I have always loved history, but I have always been specifically intrigued by military conflict. As a kid, the only books I read were history books. I would wore out the children’s history section in our local public library and proceeded to move on to the adult section. I would come home with a thick stack of history books, particularly those involving the World Wars and Vietnam, and there were occasions when my dad would start flipping through them and ban me from certain ones until I had reached a more mature age. I would pull them off the shelves and read them in the library anyhow.

Of all the images I saw and the stories I read, one of them that stuck with me is the image of Phan Thị Kim Phúc running naked and screaming down a Vietnamese road. It is the Pulitzer Prize-winning image the rest of the world had come to know as “Napalm Girl.”

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Pandora dSLR Optimizer Could Be the Answer for Guerrilla Filmmakers…Or, Perhaps Not

If there’s one thing that is a pain for dSLR filmmakers, it’s all of the little limitations that go along with the format. Having to dig for memory cards, swapping batters (seemingly) constantly, having to record audio on an external source to get decent quality, etc. That is where the creators of the Pandora DSLR Optimizer drew their inspiration for creating a one-stop-shop for on-the-go budget filmmakers.

Though still in the crowdfunding stage, this gadget has a lot of potential to either be the mother lode of dSLR video gear or a complete bomb.

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Fresco Dispatch Aims to Crowdsource Photojournalism

Photo: Courtesy of Fresco

Photo: Courtesy of Fresco

After an alarmingly high number of news outlets have fired their photographers in recent years, and some have trained their reporters to use the iPhone’s camera, a new effort to crowdsource photojournalism threatens to deliver another blow to the industry.

Fresco News is an app that offers ‘bite-sized’ news in the form of photos and videos captured by ‘real people’, somewhat similar to CNN’s iReport, but an upcoming update will allow its members to get sent on paid assignments for newsrooms across the U.S.

There are obvious advantages in harnessing the power of the masses and their smartphone cameras, but how long before news outlets opt for ‘good enough’ and prefer to pay $700/month for unlimited access to iPhone photos instead of dispatching professional photographers?

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DJI Is Putting Drone Development in the Hands of the Public

We are all familiar with video footage of personal drones crashing.  They’re old news.  Everyone has a drone and everyone crashes it.  The devastation is horrific.  End of story.  (See, I just saved you from watching another less-than-epic YouTube video.  I accept thank you’s in the form of hugs and chocolate.)

But, what everyone doesn’t have is the new Matrice 100 being released by DJI.  This new quadcopter sports significant improvements over previous drone models, particularly built-in sensors that keep the dang thing from crashing.  (My apologies for dashing your hopes of becoming a viral sensation.  But, hey, get smallpox, and you will literally be a viral sensation, so there is still hope.)  However, that isn’t the Matrice’s biggest innovation…

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iris360: New 360-degree automatic camera puts new possibilities at your fingertips


I still remember the very first 360-degree photograph I ever saw.  I believe it was around the turn of the century on a Grolier Encyclopedia CD-ROM (for you youngsters, that’s what progressive folks had before Wikipedia).  I can’t recall where the image was from, exactly, but I do recall that it was some large plaza in Europe.  I was mesmerized just wandering back and forth, up and down throughout the 450px-wide image.

Since then, technology has come a long way.  We’ve seen 360-degree images in online marketing campaigns and real estate listings, and we’ve been able to travel the world on Google Street View for years.  But, the standard process has been to hire a professional with specialized gear and software to shoot, combine, and publish the images for suitable use.  That, however, could change with the iris360, an automated imaging system for capturing, compiling, and publishing 8k (in other words, wicked high res), 360-degree images to the web.

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