POV Video of an IDF Disaster Dog Searching for Earthquake Survivors in Nepal


The worst earthquake to have hit Nepal in 80 years occurred last week, killing over 6,000 people and thousands more are still unaccounted for.

The international community rushed to offer assistance, with Israel sending the largest aid delegation consisting 260 doctors and rescue personnel. Joining the search and rescue teams are three dogs and their handlers belonging to the IDF’s Special Forces K-9 unit.

One of these dogs, who were specifically trained to locate signs of life and survivors in disaster areas, was equipped with a GoPro Camera and offers a unique view into the ongoing efforts to find people buried under the rubble.

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Culture In Danger – Andrew Newey Documents The Gurung Honey Hunters

Andrew Newey honey hunt

Imagine being surrounded by tens of thousands of bees trying to collect honey. What is one man’s nightmare is a way of life for the Gurung tribe of Central Nepal.

Twice a year the tribe travels to the largest beehive in the world to harvest honey. While they have been doing this for centuries, climate changes, tourism and commercial interest put their way of life in danger.

Travel photographer Andrew Newey (Facebook) went a two weeks expedition to document their lives, including a 3 days honey hunt travel. Andrew was king enough to allow us to post some of the photographs he made during the expedition. [Read more…]