Incredibly, Model Holds Breath for 4 Minutes to Shoot Underwater Video in a Single Take


Holding my breathe for even a minute is a difficult task, let alone for four minutes straight.  And I can’t say that I’ve ever been tied up and sunk to the bottom of a pool.  But, for free diver Marina Kazakova, it’s all in a days work.

Lydia is a song about a failed relationship,” says Johnny Stevens of Highly Suspect, “and how it can be kind of tragic sometimes when two people’s life choices lead them in different directions but their love is still there.”  Apparently, drowning a woman was the best way to communicate that (said in all jest).

The incredible music video, brought to life by Pier Pictures, was shot a single 4-minute underwater take, during which Marina held her breath the entire time.  Now we get a look behind the scenes of how this inspiring film was created.

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Watch 3 Days of Video Editing on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ in 2-Minute Timelapse


The music video for Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” is a huge clash of tastes for me.  First, I love black and white photography and videography, which I believe partly springs from how I look at life – as black and white, yes or no, on or off.  Secondly, the production quality is great and appeals to my cinematic tastes.  However, I strongly dislike rap music and feel that this song, in particular, is offensive to the very demographic he is rapping about.

But, be that as it may, the editing skill of Vinnie Hobbs in the final product is amazing.  Vinnie was generous enough to give us a look behind the scenes with a timelapse video (after the jump) of his process across the three days of editing it took to compile the footage, edit effects, and present a polished piece.

(Warning:  Strong and offensive language in the videos.)

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Son Lux’s Awesome Stop Motion Music Video Proves It’s About Creativity, Not Budget

Photographers, and creatives in general, often think they are being held back by the gear they have (or lack), the locations available at their disposal and the size of the budget for their shoots.

Sure, having the latest and the greatest gear and all the budget you could ask for might make your life easier and offer more opportunities, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create amazing work with simple gear, creativity and lots of hard work.

Son Lux’s music video, Change Is Everything, is a perfect example of what can be created using extremely low-budget materials – as long as you’re willing to put in the time and sweat.

Keep reading a behind-the-scenes video; you’ll be surprised how painful this project was to create.

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Rap Soundtrack Turns Humdrum Stock Footage Of Office Life Into YouTube Gold

Stock footage isn’t particularly known for engaging content. I know this because I have hard drives full of dull video clips and stock photos that I’m still trying to come up with ways in which I can actually use it. That’s part of why I love it when creatives come up with non-traditional applications of stock video and photos. A perfect example is in this YouTube users quirky video, “She A Go”. He mashed together a bunch of mundane stock clips of office workers and laid the most perfectly mismatched soundtrack on top of it. Set to DJ Rashad’s “She A Go”, those infamously stuffy stock footage “co-workers” suddenly get a whole lot more interesting to work with.

Check it out:

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Homestar Runner Returns With Ridiculous Rap Video Parody Paying Homage To Fisheye Lenses


Fans of the cult classic internet cartoon, Homestar Runner were delighted to discover the creators have posted a new episode after having been on a long hiatus. The cartoon, known for its pure randomness and quirky flash animation, held true to its roots, this time with a hilarious rap video parody that pokes fun at over used fisheye shots.

The video is part “tutorial” with verses like “Put the camera on the ground and aim it up // make my kicks look huge and my crew look tough” and partially “behind the scenes” footage that will have you nodding and rapping along with the Strongbad posse…”Once you use the fisheye you just can’t stop // it used to be expensive, but then the price dropped.” [Read more…]

“Knock Knock”, an animated love-story spread over 14 displays

It is a very wise decision to create something amazing as your first music video. Ukrainian band “Brunettes Shoot Blondes” did just this for their first single “Knock Knock”.

It’s 2:27 minutes of awesome animation using 14(!) Smartphone and iPad displays. This clip was created by Kirill Svetashov (DOP), SYT-X (animation) and the Band themselves.

So lean back and have some fun this morning with these 2.5 minutes of pure creativity. (Besides, the band really has an awesome name)