Photographer Reveals Microscopic Beauty In Photos Of His Friends’ Tears


Science and photography are inseparably linked, but it’s always interesting to see photography used to further explore the realms of science.

Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers was curious to explore the composition of tears.  Tears are like snowflakes, with each bearing chemical similarities to another yet being uniquely different, often based on the type of tear produced.  So, what does an insatiably-inquisitive pro in his twenties do when he wants to examine the photographic quality of tears?  He throws a house party and spends the evening making his friends and loved ones weep.

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Build A $10 Smartphone To Microscope Stand

A while back we shared a tip on taking high magnification macro photographs using a cell phone and a lens from an old DVD.

Build A $10 Smartphone To Microscope Stand

Here is a pretty cool twist on this hack from Instractable user Yoshinok using a lens from a laser pointer rather than a DVD (I guess DVDs are getting more scarce these days).

Not only that this microscope provide about X40-X180 magnification, which is pretty cool, but rather than a hand held device it is a full microscopic capabilities. [Read more…]