A Different Approach to Stock Photography

ps-logoAgain a small deviation from DIY and photography. Just to tell you about the Photoshelter collection. Photoshelter is an internet based stock agency that gives a great counter balance to the familiar sell-your-image-for-a-buck microstock sites.

There are a couple of thing that I like about Photoshelter, and I am going to talk about them in just a minute. But before that I want to share why I even write about those guys in this site. [Read more…]

How To Make Money From Micro Stock Photography

How To Make Money From Micro Stock PhotographyYour pictures are worth money. I have recently learned, that in the Internet age, and with the help of some stock photography agencies, getting this money is easier then ever.

In this Article Aron Brand will share some of the tips he has learned, with the hope to help you realize your commercial potential. I doubt you will be millionaires from this trying this, but it can help you recover the “lost money” you spend on your hobby, and get some new gadgets. [Read more…]