Memory Cards – Here Is Where Your Lost Bytes Are

A few days a go we published a post called Memory Cards Have “Less Space” Than Advertised, Here Is Why explaining how to read the labels on memory cards and shedding light on the fact that the cards used a metric system to denote capacity which makes them look smaller then what we think they should look like.

Memory Cards Have "Less Space" Than Advertised, Here Is Why

We have had a few interesting responses to that post, two of which I would like to share (highlighting is mine): [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on Your Compact Flash Cards

Getting a Handle on Your CompactFlash Cards The following idea about making flash cards accessible to nails-challenged photographers is a guest post by Zaug one of the world’s leading “your own bokeh” photographers.

I am quite happy with almost every aspect of my Sony alpha 850 and 900 DSLRs; one of the particular things I like is their size, especially with the addition of the vertical grips, they are a nice comfortable fit for my rather large-ish hands; not huge just larger than average.

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