Can You Help Locate The Photographer Of These Vintage Negatives Recently Found In A Thrift Store?

A Richmond, Virginia based photographer, Meagan Abell, made a truly delightful discovery while browsing the shelves of a local thrift store. Sitting there on one of the racks, Abell found a box of old photographs, which also happened to contain four sets of medium format negatives. Like any good photography enthusiast would do, she purchased the box and brought it home so she could scan the negatives.

Much to her (and our) delight, the images on the negatives turned out to be pretty stunning. At this point, I think it pretty much goes without saying that we need to know who took the photos so we can enjoy more of their work and get a little background info on the few images Abell has found. [Read more…]

Surprise! Fuji Plans On Releasing A 50MP Medium Format Camera With A Sony Sensor (Or Does It?)


Here is a bit of news that is hard to miss if you walk the rumors sites today. According to Fuji rumors, Fuji is planning on releasing a digital MF (medium format) mirrorless camera. While the rumor is not confirmed, Fuji rumors had a few good ‘prophecies’ over the last years.

According to FR, there are two untrusted sources for this info, one going into the sensor details: [Read more…]