Experimental Philosopher Plans To Take 1000 Year Long Exposure Of Holyoke Mountains

1000-year-photoBe sure to mark your calendars, in the year 3015, the world’s longest exposure may or may not exist. In what may be one of the most ambitious photographs taken to date, writer/experimental philosopher/conceptual artist, Jonathon Keats, has designed and constructed a pinhole camera which he says will allow him to take a 1,000 year long exposure.

The camera is constructed from copper, which is known for resilience to corrosion. The pinhole was drilled through a 24-karat gold plate that will project the exposure onto rose madder, an organic based paint that will serve as the “film”. Keats adapted the rose madder technique from the Renaissance era–no processing is required, the image can be viewed simply by opening the camera and looking inside. [Read more…]