How To Organize A Mass Photoshoot (In Under 2 Weeks)

Hey guys,

Benjamin “Von Wong” Montreal Based photographer here to write a quick article on what it’s like to put together a Mass Photoshoot with two week deadline.

Les Artisans d'Azure - Ride to freedom

[udi: Ben is leaving for a super awesome photography collaboration trip funded via indiegogo, if you like stuff like this, go and check it out]

First off, what is a mass photoshoot? Well I consider it a photoshoot that involves more than 10 people. In this instance, I successfully organized a massive medieval photoshoot with over 40 models, in a medieval village over one hour thirty minutes away from the city. Despite rain and a forecast of -3 degrees we still had a 90% turn-out rate. Quite amazing for a photoshoot in which nobody was paid! [Read more…]