Magnificent Milky Way Photography Made Easy(ish).


Have you ever found yourself lifting your jaw off the keyboard, completely stunned by an out-of-this-world photo of the Milky Way?

This is one of those subjects were you can either get an “Eh” shot that will accumulate a few likes on social media websites, or you can create a potentially viral piece of art that will make E.T. wish he had stayed on Earth simply to enjoy the view.

More often than not, the difference seems to boil down to planning and hard work rather than equipment. This is not to say that equipment isn’t important, but we’ve already seen what a pro can do with even the cheapest gear.

A new and exceedingly comprehensive tutorial called “How To Shoot Truly Contagious Milky Way Pictures” will significantly help with your planning and cut back on wasted nights outdoors.

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A Detailed, Informative, and Simple Introduction Into the World of Astrophotography

Out of everything I’ve got on my camera’s bucket list, the night sky is what’s always intimidated me the most. I look at so many amazing photos of the Milky Way, or of billions of stars with absolutely no light pollution at all, and I find myself saying it’d be impossible for me to take something like that. If you’ve ever considered trying to get into night photography, you know how overwhelming it can feel at first. Mark Gee will be the first person out of any to tell you that going into it will require some serious patience. But like anything, if you put in the right amount of effort with the right amount of heart, that patience will ultimately pay off. To help out on getting started with astrophotography, Mark Gee wrote a tutorial that goes over almost everything we need to know.

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