Future Is Bright: Magic Lantern RAW Footage In Canon Official Ad


We love Canon for taking a positive stand with Magic Lantern (in fact, we would not be surprised if when the entire ML story unfolds, it would be Canon who either funded or heavily tipped the custom firmware team)

It’s not that Canon cameras takes bad video, but with Magic Lantern, the footage is unarguably better. The well known hack, is an open source project that is available as a third party add-on for certain Canon camera models. Filmmakers consider Magic Lantern essential and many still photographers utilize it as well. It delivers photographers full control over bitrate and framerate, while providing the option for custom bulb timers, bracketing for exposure, and more. It basically fills in all the gaps left by, what some may consider, underwhelming Canon firmware.

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A Detailed Breakdown Of Shooting A Gokou Ruri 1/8 by Griffon Enterprises Figurine

Gokou Ruri "Nekomimi version" 1/8 scale

This is the first photo I’ve taken to try out the “tinfoil / aluminum foil background” method. Basically, you take a bunch of tinfoil, screw it up into a ball, then carefully unfold it to create a crinkled background. Hang it a good distance behind your subject, then point a flash at it. The crinkles in the foil will create a series of bright reflective points, which when thrown out of focus create a stunning sparkly background. [Read more...]

Samsung NX300 Gets Hacked – Will Run Any Linux App


We have seen some major cameras get hacked and it usually makes them better. Magic Lantern made Canon better, Nikon Hacker added functions to Nikon, and Ptool added video Codex for Panasonic. Now it is the time for Samsung camera to get hacked.

Finally after a year and a half in the wild the NX300 got rooted. Getting rooted means gaining administrative rights to the camera and practically running any program on it.

Developer Georg Lukas went ahead and played with his new NX300, but he did not play with it like a photographer would, he played with it like an IT consultant would exposing the camera security weaknesses (of which he found quite a few).
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FFMPEG Adds Support For Magic Lantern RAW Video – On The Way For A Smoother Workflow


About a year ago the Magic Lantern team took they RAW video recording into the next level providing their own native format – MLV (Magic Lantern Video). While this format could be used to record RAW video the workflow to getting it to PRORES format was a bit cumbersome.

Yesterday, FFmpeg did the first commit to their code-base which to support the MLV format. This could mean great things for the Magic Lantern team. Mostly because FFmpeg is the engine running the video part of many open source programs.

ML’s g3gg0 shares how this came to be (and highlight the importance of open-source royalties-free formats in the process): [Read more...]

Nikon Hacker Up The bitrate For Nikon Cameras up to 1080 @64mbps

It is a fairly known fact that Canon videographers can magically “upgrade” their cameras using the Magic Lantern custom firmware. This firmware gives the camera some nice control features, but I suspect that this firmware is usually installed for the better video it provides (raw video, dual ISO, better dynamic range and so on).

Sadly, Nikon users do not have that option. Until now.


The folks at Nikon Hacker recently released a beta load with an upgrade to the camera bit rate output. Depending on the Nikon Body, you can get up to 64mbps (D7000) as opposed to the 24mbps that the camera ships with from Japan. [Read more...]

Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Magic Lantern are a werid creature to digest. On one hand they are not part of te official Canon team. On the other, they realese incredible features for Canon touching an all aspects of the camera, from RAW video to (the dynamic range enhancing) dual ISO.

Magic Lantern Boosts Dynamic Range For Canon Cameras. As Easy As Flipping A Button

Their latest announcement revels a great feature call ML ISO, as opposed to “Canon ISO”. (The develpment name is a boring four letters acronym: ADTG)

The method involves quite a bit of tech, which I dont full understand, but it involves changing the way the sensor is being amplified. Tests done by Canon Rumors member Marsu42 show improvment of 1/3 to 1/2 a stop of dynamic range depending on the used ISO. [Read more...]

Magic Lantern’s Dual ISO Feature May Boost Dynamic Range To 14 Stops (Or Fry Your Sensor)

One of the recent Magic Lantern announcements is in my eyes a real bomb on the photo industry. Their Dual ISO feature (announcement here) may increase dynamic range by three stops. (video sample below).

Magic Lantern's Dual Iso Feature May Boost Dynamic Range By 3 Stops (Or Fry Your Sensor)

This feature is a bit different from adding zebra lines or removing automatic gain, or even providing RAW video as it changes low-level sensor parameters directly. It also is the first time, AFAIK, that Magic Lantern does imaging R&D rather than simply enabling camera hidden features. The analysis can be found on this PDF. [Read more...]

Magic Lantern’s Low ISO Raw Video Leaves H.264 In The Shade

It is probably safe to say that Magic Lantern’s RAW video is just so much better than the native H.264 that Canon camera usually put out. (and if you want to judge for yourself just head over to this huge collection of ML’s RAW footage).

Magic Lantern's Low ISO Raw Video Leaves H.264 In The Shade

So we got better resolution and better dynamic range, but it seems that we also get the buff of better low light performance. Dustin J Tolman over at Vimeo did a low light test and results are great news! Mitch over at planet5D has an interesting analysis. [Read more...]

How To Install The Magic Lantern General Availability Release [video]

Over the past month we’ve been sharing a lot of Magic Lantern hacks, and I think this is something that is not going to stops (or at least I hope it is not going to stop, we have some info coming right up on the next post).

How To Install The Magic Lantern General Availability Release

However, we never actually shared anything that shows how to install Magic Lantern into an operating camera.

This video by Dave Dugdale does not even touch on the features of ML, but it does a great job at showing the install process. While there is actually a pretty good Install Guide available on the ML site, it is sometimes easier to follow a video. [Read more...]

24P Raw Video, Soon In A 60D Near You

I am not sure if the Magic lantern team are wearing shoes, but if they do then the other show just dropped.

24P Raw Vidoe, Soon In A 60D Near You

One of the more common requests coming after the 24p RAW video hack with the 5DmkIII was “I would love having this on my ($700) 60D“. Well, last night marekk of ML released the following statement:

Hi all 60D users :)
I prepared special version of autoexec.bin like 550D user mk11174 and RAW video works now on 60D :) This ML version has only few options enabled. I’ve got no skills to fix 60D’s boot problems with full ML package with modules and tcc enabled so I removed everything except ability to record raw videos and load modules.#

This is great news, bringing the possibility of raw video to a camera under the $1000 price tag (comparing to a $3300 5DmkIII). More info and videos after the jump. [Read more...]