Go On A Journey Around Los Angeles In This Twisting New Timelapse

timelapse-laI usually stray away from cities and all the hustle and bustle. Even when I’m just looking at photos and video, I find myself looking at landscapes of the great wide open much more often than I look at photos taken in urban and metropolitan areas. But, there’s something about this trippy timelapse from photographer and filmmaker, Vadim Tereshchenko, that makes me want to make a pit stop in Los Angeles next time I find myself on the west coast–even if it’s just long enough to ride that ferris wheel and catch a sunset. [Read more…]

Photographer Van Styles Shares Some Tips On Location Scouting And Choosing The Right Model

Every photographer will eventually develop their own method when it comes to scouting locations and deciding which model to work with. For Los Angeles based photographer, Van Styles, that means choosing a model first, then finding a location he feels works best with the model’s look and is appropriate to they type of shoot he’s doing.

In the quick clip below, Styles shares more details on his approach to location scouting and what he looks for in a model (hint: it’s not all about how they look). Additionally, the photographer also shares a handful of tips on working with models, selecting wardrobe, and posing techniques. [Read more…]

Vincent Laforet Shoots London Nighttime Photos from 6000 feet (Plus BTS Footage)

As part of his AIR project, which aims to show the world is connected by creating outstanding nighttime aerial photos; Vincent Laforet recently shot some incredible photos of London from a helicopter.

The project began with a set of photos above New York city that went viral, and has since covered several more cities around the world.

Other than London and Barcelona, which were both photographed earlier this month, Laforet will be spending the next few days capturing the scenic night views of Berlin, Paris and Venice.

A behind-the-scenes video of the Los Angeles shoot, as well as a video detailing Laforet’s workflow, have been released and can be seen below.

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Santa Monica’s Mountain Lions Caught on Camera


Mountain lions, also known as pumas or cougars, are one of the largest and most powerful predators in the United States. Despite that, they are reclusive and tend to stay away from people, making it very difficult to photograph them.

A National Parks Service biologist was able to track a deer carcass thanks to the GPS coordinates from one of the mountain lions’ tracking collars, and hike to the location during the day to setup a remote camera while the animals were away. Come night time, the lions returned to the carcass and were surprised to see an unknown flashing contraption that had mysteriously shown up.

While this is not the first time mountain lions were captured by a remote camera, the animals captured in these images might account for up to a third of the entire Santa Monica Mountains population.

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Faceless Portraits Of 4th Graders Offers Telling Look At Family Life For Children Around The World

All images ©judygelles

All images ©judygelles

While volunteering in a fourth grade reading class in the United States, Judy Gelles found many of the students couldn’t relate to the stories they were assigned to study. To help get the children more interested in reading, Gelles had the idea to ask each of the 9 and 10 year old students to tell her their own stories. Gelles took it upon herself to write down all of their individual stories before reading them back to the children.

Gelles was intrigued almost instantly by the touching, and often sorrowful stories the children would candidly explain. Already an established photographer, Gelles was driven to share the poignant memoirs of modern childhood the most impactful way that she could. Thus, Fourth Grade was born. A five year long photography project that would take Gelles to classrooms across the US, India, China, Korea, and England, meeting with fourth graders and asking them all the same three questions: [Read more…]

Police Shut Down A Los Angeles Photo Walk After Mistaking It For A Rave

When most people think of photo walks, they probably imagine a small group of photographers casually strolling down the sidewalk snapping photos of random things along the way. Then there’s FlaskMob, a group of photographers, models, and artists who do photo walks a little bit differently. For example, the photo walk the group organized near downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, was complete with their own mobile DJ, fireworks, steel wool spinners, smoke bombs, and booze. The organizers were expecting approximately 300 participants to show up; however, as word spread via social media, that number quickly grew to about 2000.

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Beautiful 4K LA Timelapse Ties Stars, City Lights and Horizon

Cinematographer Colin Rich is obsessed with lights. He just completed a 3 timelapse series dealing with the lights of LA and the results are stunning.

Colin masters just about any aspect of a good time lapse, both technically (day/night transitions, spectacular camera moves), but more importantly he manages to tie all those small sequences into a story. The story of LA.  Go full screen, see the movie, then hit the jump for more info and the previous installment of the series. [Read more…]

How Would Superman See It? Creative GoPro Usage

What if superman had was wearing a GoPro? Of course he does not probably need it having super memory, laser vision and that huge holodeck in the pole. But what if did?

His day may have looked something like this. The creative team at Corridor Digital made a short video showing the man in blue returning a camera to its owners, while flying the blue skies of LA.

Of course, CD did not actually have access to Clark Kent so they used a DJI Phantom 2 and a GoPro 3+ to take the flying shots and a real (cape wearing) actor to take the person shots and have a bit of a shake to cover the cut point. [Read more…]