Tips To Protect Your Gear From Killer Storms And Striking Hail

It rarely rains where I live, sadly (or happily) this is not the case for many. And if you are shooting outdoors in extreme weather there are quite a few things that you can do to help your gear survive.

And it is not just uber extreme conditions that would freeze your camera, even lesser elements can cause your batteries to stop functioning or the LCD significantly drop its refresh rate.

B&H shares quite a useful video on how to improve your chances of getting a good shot. Of course there is a vast array of rain covers, tip-les gloves and silica gels, but there are some more clever tips on that video. Those three tips from the video are priceless:

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How To Find Inspiration And Take Interesting Photos In Boring Locations

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Regardless of where you live, chances are there’s some really incredible places to take photos nearby. The problem is, after looking at and photographing the same thing over and over again, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to see the beauty in it anymore. As a photographer, having the ability to find inspiration in the most boring, redundant, or even cliched locations is invaluable.

It’s frustrating, but, fortunately not all is lost. In the video below, Mike Brown invites us into his own backyard, a place he’s photographed a 1000 different ways already, to show us a few methods he uses to get the creative juices flowing when our eyes can’t see beyond routine. [Read more…]

Daredevils Perform Stunts In The Holiest City In The World


Every shoot is made from awesome scenery, awesome subjects and a solid concept to tie them together.  Photographer Benjamin Von Wong, Broncolor’s newest GenNEXT ambassador, teamed up with a few of Israel’s top sports extremists to produce an unconventional shoot against the walls of Jerusalem.

Having a low budget set meant gong for creative solutions when the location could not satisfy the vision that Ben wanted. Among these solutions were hanging on the rope from the old city walls and piggy backing Tomer Jakobson who was forced to meat a new interpretation to the phrase “supporting a shoot” [Read more…]