Photographer Projects A ‘Marry Me’ Slide During A Photoshoot. She Sees The LCD And Says Yes!

Proposing is stressful, isn’t it. I mean, forget about the yes/no answer. Just making a decent proposal could be a killer project of its own. Photographer Marvin Lewis has been taking a photo a year for him and his girlfriend Amanda Marie friendship universities. Each year a different photo (you can check the below), but for the eighth, anniversary he decided to pop the big one, and so invited Amanda into the usual studio session.

Little did she know that Marvin placed a Light Blaster mounted with a Marry Me slide  that she could not see until the photo was actually taken. (The Light Blaster only projects a slide when the camera clicks, when the strobe inside of it goes off).

Imagine her surprise when she walked up to the LCD to chimp at the photo, while Marvin kneeling behind her holding a ring.

I asked Marvin about this special day and this is what he told me:

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New Light Blaster Creative Kit Is Metal. And Razor Sharp!

The folks at Spiffy Gear just announced a new Creative Kit for their Light Blaster portable image projection system – the Pro Gobo | Kit 1.


While we fancy the entire system in general, we love this new kit because it delivers something that the other kits did not – real blacks.

Being made out of the same metal that is used for stage lighting gobos this kit is thin enough to fir in the Light Blaster system, but being made of metal, the light only goes though the etched places and does not go through the metal providing real black on any projected surface. It also works wonderfully with gels. [Read more…]

How To Photograph Darth Vader With The Spiffy Gear Light Blaster

I have had a Spiffy Gear Light Blaster in my camera bag for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I came up with a concept that I though was cool enough to really unlock the creative potential of the Blaster.

The concept that I came up with was to photograph Darth Vader with the Light Blaster, and in this article I am going to share exactly how I used the Spiffy Gear Light Blaster to create this series of photos.

spiffy gear light blaster review how to use the light blaster to photograph darth vader jp danko toronto commercial photographer

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Quick Tip: A Fun Introduction To How The Light Blaster Works For Backdrops

The folks over at Creative Live just kicked off a new shiny blog, and we are humbled and honored that their first gear review is for the Light Blaster.

If you waned to see how the Light Blaster works for backdrops, Topher and Dana explain how to put together a quick & dirty setup for fast backdrop swapping.

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7 Photographers – Each Take A Different Angle On The Same Light Modifier

It is always interesting to see how different people respond differently to the same raw material. Specifically for this post, how seven different photographers interacted with the same lighting modifier.

How 7 Photographers Each Take A Different Angle On The Same Light Modifier

When I first built the Light Blaster, I gave several photographers a copy of it during various phases of development. Some got an almost finished product, while some got a 3D printed prototype held together with spit, epoxy glue and rubber bands. [Read more…]

The Light Blaster Is A Reality Altering Strobe Based Projector

We are very excited today to announce a brand new light modifier done by our sister company – Spiffy Gear. It is called The Light Blaster™.

The Light Blaster (or Blaster for short) is a unique light modifier that enables you to project an image onto a subject or a background. Imagine that, the ability to create a new world at the click of a shutter.

The Light Blaster Is A Reality Altering Strobe Based Projector

It is small, portable and and only requires a speedlight and any SLR lens to work. Things you already probably have. We’ve designed a high quality product specifically built to keep costs at a minimum while pushing the creative potential to the maximum! The advantage of having an interchangeable lens means that you can simply switch up the focal length to achieve different results: 35mm to blast an entire wall, 200mm to paint a heart on a chest.

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