Room Sized Lightbox Provides The Perfect Lighting Every Time


One of the first tricks new photographers discover is the ability to place an object in a box with the walls replaced with diffusion material to create even lighting. Of course, any scientific mind will immediately ask, can we make this human size? The answer, is yes!

Photographer Kevin Lynch does just that. Using an array of PVC pipes and fittings, he created a room sized light box. It is actually big enough for a Karate fighter to jump around in. [Read more…]

Studio Lighting – Super Simple Light Tent

super simple light tentI was inspired to do this project after seeing the PVC light tent posted on the MAKE blog. This light tent uses a cardboard box and some white material (Tyvek) and allows you to take reasonable photos of products such as bottles, watches, jewelry, small objects, etc. There is lot’s of room for improvement but for the sake of 15 minutes I hope you will agree it’s pretty good :) [Read more…]