Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

I love a good time freezing Bullettime effect. And we have shared quite a few rigs on the blog. All with varying degrees of sophistication and effort. From a LO-FI pinhole rig, through a crowd funded version to a high end light painting 360 rig. And quite a few others too.

Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

They all had one thing in common, after taking the footage with the multi-camera rig needed a significant amount of post processing time to create the bullet time effect, making it practically unfitted for live event coverage. [Read more...]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

Usually when we hear about Chroma Key projects it is connected with altering the background of an image or a video (like this awesome BTS footage from Pacific Rim).

Brazilian photographer Bruno Lanzone took another route for his Rainbow Splash project. Instead of keying the background, he used Chroma Key painted water to splash his subjects. He then overlays the keyed pictures with color splashes. The results are mesmerizing. [Please be advised that some of the photographs after the jump may be NSFW]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

[Read more...]

How 360º Lightpainting, “Bullet Time” Photos Are Made

We have featured Eric Pare and the timecodelab before when we showcased their Liftoff 360º project (and a White Feather light painting tool). Today they released a beautiful documentary showing what goes on in a production of a 360º bullet time light painting.

How 360º Lightpainting Are Made

Aside for the wonderful footage, the movie also tells us that Eric took over half a million pictures of contemporary dancers in the dark using light-painting techniques. [Read more...]

The Open Source Portrait – Postprocessing (Part 2)

In my previous post I walked through the concept and shoot of my portrait of Mairi. At this point all I’ve got are a bunch of RAW (and jpg) files of the shoot. I know that I forgot to mention it in the last post, but for goodness sake if you can shoot RAW – do it. (It saved my butt with this image, as you’ll see below).

The Open Source Portrait - Postprocessing (Part 2)

Also, you’ll be able to download my RAW file, and JPG output from RawTherapee below.

This is a long post.Seriously, this is the longest post I’ve ever written.I’m walking through many of the things I had previously written tutorials for, and apply them to a process this time so you can see them as part of a workflow.So, here’s a Table of Contents so you can jump to the section you need: [Read more...]