5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

Here are 5 Kickstarter projects that I think deserve to get funded.

[There is a rant coming, if you just want the projects, hit the jump. But if you want a fair warning, read on]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

It was not an easy decision to run this post. I you noticed, DIYP has stopped featuring Kickstarter campaigns long while ago. The reasons were many but to sum it up, Kickstarter did not show accountability on their platform and many projects backed and funded delivered with huge delays (or have yet to deliver at all).

You see, kick starter is not like a shop, there is a risk factor involved. When you back a project, you buy in on coolness and early adoption (and possibly lower pricing), but may of the makers on Kickstarters are exactly that. Makers. This is not a bad thing. But there is a world of difference between making something and mass producing something. It involves managing a chain of supply, accounting for logistics, support & recalls, taking care of storage. And all and all the overhead of mass production is very different from making a few units in the basement (which is a cool thing by itself).

Those inherent changes, are not always taken into account when running a Kickstarter. But there is more. I like to think of the photography community as a tech-savvy-early-adopter-gear-lasting kind of community, so any Kickstarter that shows a good promise is something that makes us go “take my money and shut up”. Not always remembering that a Kickstarter may come at a price of uncertainty. Uncertainty of final features, uncertainty of final appearance and most of all uncertainty of delivery date.

All that said, here are 5 projects that I think should fund. They are all extremely cool and innovative as a Kickstarter should be. but this is not why they are featured here. They are here either because they are a dad-in-the-garage kind of project or on the other end of the spectrum coming from a reputable company. Both, I believe, are worth giving a chance too.

Please by any means don’t take this post as a lift on the rule regarding individual Kickstarters.

Now, if you are still with me, here are 5 projects that I believe are a good place to spend your money. [Read more...]

Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

I love a good time freezing Bullettime effect. And we have shared quite a few rigs on the blog. All with varying degrees of sophistication and effort. From a LO-FI pinhole rig, through a crowd funded version to a high end light painting 360 rig. And quite a few others too.

Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

They all had one thing in common, after taking the footage with the multi-camera rig needed a significant amount of post processing time to create the bullet time effect, making it practically unfitted for live event coverage. [Read more...]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

Usually when we hear about Chroma Key projects it is connected with altering the background of an image or a video (like this awesome BTS footage from Pacific Rim).

Brazilian photographer Bruno Lanzone took another route for his Rainbow Splash project. Instead of keying the background, he used Chroma Key painted water to splash his subjects. He then overlays the keyed pictures with color splashes. The results are mesmerizing. [Please be advised that some of the photographs after the jump may be NSFW]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

[Read more...]

How 360º Lightpainting, “Bullet Time” Photos Are Made

We have featured Eric Pare and the timecodelab before when we showcased their Liftoff 360º project (and a White Feather light painting tool). Today they released a beautiful documentary showing what goes on in a production of a 360º bullet time light painting.

How 360º Lightpainting Are Made

Aside for the wonderful footage, the movie also tells us that Eric took over half a million pictures of contemporary dancers in the dark using light-painting techniques. [Read more...]