Quick Tip: How To Make Colorful Light Paintings With Lee Filters And A Bubble Blower

Photographer and light painter Hugo Baptista sent in a clever tip on using a hacked bubble blower and a pack or Lee filters to create some interesting light painting.

Quick Tip: How To Make Colorful Light Paintings With Lee Filters And A Bubble Blower

The idea is to use the rotating end of the bubble blower (i.e. removing the bubbly part) to make a rotating filter fan. Hugo used a pack of old Lee filters, but any colored gel will do. The color plate is then rotated in front of the lens in a long exposure so the light coming from any light painting object will “shift” colors. Here is how Hugo describes it: I bought a $5 bubble blower, took its fan off and attached a round panel of LEE sample filters cut into squares brought together with transparent tape. I then made the filters rotate in front of the lens while I was light painting the scene. [Read more…]

These Incredible Light Paintings From Tackyshack Have Nothing To Do With Photoshop

Jeremy Jackson, a photographer from Virginia, USA who goes by the handle of tackyshack on Flickr is one of the first light painting masters I got to meet here on DIYP. And what a ride it has been. Jeremy’s recent feature on Sploid encouraged me to check his Flickr stream again, and I was lost there for way too long.

These Incredible Light Paintings From Tackyshack Have Nothing To Do With Photoshop

Light painting, for the ones who are not familiar with the term is the art of doing long exposures while waiving different sources of light at various object (including the camera). The hard core artists (like tackyshack) never ever use Photoshop, and this is the case with the photos displayed here.

We are going to have a full light painting resource list at the bottom, but till then, sit back and enjoy this miraculous SOOC (strait out of camera) explosion. [Read more…]

Watch These Random Light Painting Doodles Defy The Laws Of Physics

If you’ve ever given any thought to the optics behind (inside?) your camera you know that reflections should be identical to what they reflect.

Watch These Random Light Painting Doodles Defy Physics

This is obviously not the case with this photo by the Light Club. In what seems to defy the laws of optics, this single exposure displays an angelic figure sitting on a chair and a devilish reflection from a puddle on the floor. Here is the thing, this photo is SOOC (Strait Out Of Camera). If you think you know the answer hit the jump for the BTS video. (Here is a hint for you: Single exposure, F?, iso 100, 227 sec) [Read more…]

Stunning Product Shots With iPhone and iPad LightPainting

I like playing around with lightpainting ever since I started photography because the possibilities were endless! One night I wanted to challenge myself to lightpaint using only my gadgets, so my iphone and my ipad.

I thought of using my iPhone as my main light to highlight the subject and my iPad to use as my background. I had an app in my iPad which had some cool patterns to use as a catchlight, then I saw a pattern which I knew would look great if I used it for lightpainting.

Final Shot [Read more…]

The Box – How To Build, Light & Shoot A Photography Set On A Budget

Like most projects, this one started with a very small and vague idea. I thought it would be cool to build a set that would be kinda like its own ecosystem: something very moody/foresty/damp.

The Box - How To Build, Light & Shoot A Photography Set On A Budget

First idea was to make it rain in a random household room. While I was brainstorming and getting into the details, I found it would be too much of a hassle to redirect all the water out of the studio. So instead of a room, maybe something smaller would work? It would have to be big enough for someone to stand in it, but small enough so that you could see that there is actually a box inside a room. Then have it be very moody. [Read more…]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

Here are 5 Kickstarter projects that I think deserve to get funded.

[There is a rant coming, if you just want the projects, hit the jump. But if you want a fair warning, read on]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

It was not an easy decision to run this post. I you noticed, DIYP has stopped featuring Kickstarter campaigns long while ago. The reasons were many but to sum it up, Kickstarter did not show accountability on their platform and many projects backed and funded delivered with huge delays (or have yet to deliver at all).

You see, kick starter is not like a shop, there is a risk factor involved. When you back a project, you buy in on coolness and early adoption (and possibly lower pricing), but may of the makers on Kickstarters are exactly that. Makers. This is not a bad thing. But there is a world of difference between making something and mass producing something. It involves managing a chain of supply, accounting for logistics, support & recalls, taking care of storage. And all and all the overhead of mass production is very different from making a few units in the basement (which is a cool thing by itself).

Those inherent changes, are not always taken into account when running a Kickstarter. But there is more. I like to think of the photography community as a tech-savvy-early-adopter-gear-lasting kind of community, so any Kickstarter that shows a good promise is something that makes us go “take my money and shut up”. Not always remembering that a Kickstarter may come at a price of uncertainty. Uncertainty of final features, uncertainty of final appearance and most of all uncertainty of delivery date.

All that said, here are 5 projects that I think should fund. They are all extremely cool and innovative as a Kickstarter should be. but this is not why they are featured here. They are here either because they are a dad-in-the-garage kind of project or on the other end of the spectrum coming from a reputable company. Both, I believe, are worth giving a chance too.

Please by any means don’t take this post as a lift on the rule regarding individual Kickstarters.

Now, if you are still with me, here are 5 projects that I believe are a good place to spend your money. [Read more…]