The Battlefield Pinhole Camera

Battlefield Pinhole CameraAfter yesterday’s Pinhole Bonanza, I am proud to serve you the Battlefield Pinhole Camera DIY tutorial.

The battlefield is a revolutionary pinhole camera that simultaneously uses 3 rolls of 35mm film to capture an image split across all three rolls. Look at the image on the left for a clue on the name origin :)

This tut has lots of details and is somewhat technical, so we will jump between images, videos and text, using the best method (or methods) to illustrate each step. Try and keep up. [Read more…]

Use $3.5 Tube Guards For Epic Light Painting Photography


Eric Pare (previously) just sent in this killer light painting tip. I really enjoy following Eric’s work because he is right there on the verge of science and art. This time he came up with a very clever light saber toy for light painting.

Eric is using tube guards, which are originally meant for florescent bulb protection, as a light painting medium and the results are quit epic:

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Lighting Tutorial: How To Photograph Shoes


I recently bought a new pair of shoes and before I use them and get them all dirty (as I always do in two seconds), I wanted to play around with them for a bit. Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made the shoes looks so fine. I tried to shoot them as straight out of the camera as possible, there is just some very minor editing to be done at the end.

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Comparing Sony a7s vs Canon 6d Shutter Lag for Light Painting


Eric Paré is famous for his light painting photos (here and here), most notably his process is very accurate and almost repeatable. So when he put up a post comparing Canon’s EOS 6D and Sony ‘s a7S I thought the results were quite interesting and worth sharing.

Eric uses a process where he shoots in the dark for 1 second and ‘light paints’ during that second. This process is so fine tuned that it serves as quite a good basis for comparing the camera in a real world scenario.

Obviously both cameras produce a very good image but they are not identical and the differences are quite interesting, especially on shutter lag. I was expecting the Sony to win hands down, but the Canon took an obvious lead there.

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This Light Painting Photograph Is Straight Out Of Camera And Took 4 Years to Make


4 years ago Jason D. Page set out to create a Light Painting series called Electric Universe. The idea was to shoot lightning storms and then Light Paint stars
and planets into the image creating a lightning filled universe all on one single frame of film. As the project progressed Jason’s idea for a whole series quickly turned into a quest to just get one good image. Obviously doing this on film, while needing a good lighting photo as a base is not trivial and Jason never imagined how difficult it would be.

That last photo though Is one that Jason is proud of and and he sent it over to share with DIYP readership.

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The Incredible Light Painting Of JanLeonardo


A while back I stumbled on the light painting work of Jan Leonardo Wöllert, and was immediately taken. By now, you probably know all about light painting, but if not, it is the art of using bright objects to “paint” imagery in total darkness. As light hits the sensor it ‘paints’ the final image.

JanLeonardo is no different and his work is done only with photography in total darkness, painted with light. No layers work and digital composing. I asked JanLeonardo for more information about his work which he gladly shared with DIYP readers.

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This Is Where SmartPhones Stand: Phonography Light Painting


One of the main concerns of the photographic industry is the fact that smarthones are slowly biting into the more advanced camera markets. People who use to carry a camera everywhere are now using a smartphone as their go-to camera, simply because it is always in their pocket. The other market is the more advanced photographers, those who need the extra control that a “real” camera provides – long exposure is one such example, but the latest Huawei P8 is beating down on DSLRs in that regard as well.

Malaysian Photographer Keow Wee Loong took the smartphone for a Light Painting ride and was amazed at the results. Usually when you do light painting, you set a camera on a tripod and give it a good, long exposure. Those settings accumulate the bright light (i.e. the painting) while keeping the background dark. But Keow Wee Loong used the light painting feature of the Huawei P8 and was able to take stunning light painting photographs, how?

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How I Took These Photos Of Electric Capoeira Fighters

צילום:בני גם זו לטובה    WWW.BENNYGAMZO.COM

Throughout my years as a photographer, I am in a constant search for the source of my inspiration, for the place where my ideas for my personal projects come from. I keep asking myself why I do these projects, and whether they are worth the large investment they require.

I remember that as a small child I used to love playing with Lego, and assembling them to various constructions. Lego gave me the ability to connect between life situations, such as feelings, images, things I like, and even situations that make me nervous.

In this project called “Electric Capoeira” I combined and connected three all my passions – the passion for making things with my own hands, the passion for Capoeira (a sport I practiced and love) and the passion for photography.

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Fire Wings Light Painting Captured on Smartphone

Smartphones are not naturally meant for light painting. Mostly because they (mostly) have small sensors that do not handle long exposures well, and accumulate noise like a TV set on a dead channel.

The engineering team at Huawei came up with a clever concept to overcome that limitation and they handle light painting in a very similar way to how astro-photographers capture the night skies, by stacking many images together. But where sky photographers stack many 30 seconds shots to create several hours’ worth of exposure, the Huawei P8 does it on a seconds scale.

To demonstrate the concept, Huawei commissioned photographer Benjamin Von Wong (previously) to shoot a light painted angle with fire wings.

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