DIY Macro Lighting LED Ring

diy led ring lightA while back we had a piece about the power of using LEDs in photography. In that article we had a very primitive LED ring light. In this guest post, Tim Brook shares a much better way to create a LED ring light.

Browsing through the dealextreme website, I came across these LED car headlight rings and thought that they’d be ideal for making a Macro Lighting Ring so I placed my order and had a go.
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Introduction To LED Lighting

Introduction To LED LightingYou know how you never have enough lights to do the shot you want? Today I am going to solve this problem once and for all. I’m going to show you how to get all the light sources in the world for just a few bucks. How? With LEDs.

Lighting with LEDs is a ton of fun. It is also a great way to practice lighting. Why? Because LEDs are cheap. Having a ton of LEDs allows you to position a huge amount of light sources on any miniature detail oriented given setup – Provided that the setup is small enough.

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Ringlight Bonanza with Joris van den Heuvel

ringlight2-1_tn.jpgNot so long ago, I got a mail from a reader and fellow DIYer Joris van den Heuvel. Joris referred me to his site where to my astonishment I found a ringlight heaven.

Now, I know that the photography web has been sizzling with ringlights ever since David Hobby posted his challenge for a DIY ringflash, but this guy is something else. Got some cool stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Starting out with a “regular” one liner LED ring light (AKA Ring Light 1.0), Joris evolved to a two liner LED array and even a three liner. BUT WAIT!!! It gets better. CFFL tubes are yet another version of a ring flash, and…..

Joris’s latest work in progress is a fiber optics based ring light (just saying fiber optics flash makes me feel sophisticated and cool). I say – stay tuned for this one – as my friends’ say this is something completely different. You know what; check em all out here.

If you have a Technorati account and a spear minute, I’d love it if you add DIYP as a fav. You can use this link.

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