Kodak Brownie – The Most Important Piece Of Photography Cardboard Ever Made



A recent article shared on the BBC website asked it’s reader’s if the Kodak Brownie was the most important cardboard box ever made. Since it’s introduction in 1900, close to 100 different cameras models proudly display the Brownie moniker. Many of which can still be found in antique stores and collector’s shelves around the world.

Kodak’s Brownie is credited with bringing photography to the masses, as it was the first portable camera available. The Brownie’s predecessors were generally made from heavy, bulky materials such as wood and metals. Not only were they difficult to use, but they also required the use of tripods and unnaturally still subjects. The cost of early cameras also made photography a hobby in which most people could not afford at the time. [Read more…]

Kodak & Instagram: A Tale of Dollars & Sense

Instagram, the supposed “new face” of photography, celebrated its 3rd birthday earlier this month. What’s that? You weren’t invited to the party? Well, considering the usual fanfare and not-so-subtle ways in which the billion-dollar photo-sharing app usually marks its milestones, I’m actually kind of surprised that Instagram’s official entry into toddlerhood (or teens in internet years) came and went without even so much as a blip on our collective radar..

Instagram Logo

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