$500K High-Speed Trigger Project Funds. Pulls Back After A Year. Owner Is Taking Responsibility


This is an interesting story about how your best dream coming true can turn into your worst nightmare. TriggerTrap who makes mobile camera triggers did the impossible and raised over £290,386 in their Ada kickstarter campaign, this is not trivial at all considering that high speed photography is a bit of a niche. Now a year after funding they are cancelling the project. I think it is a great story about what Kickstarter really is, why it takes so long to deliver a good product and how you handle (or should handle) such a massive fail.

You would think that funding half a million dollars would make almost anything impossible, right? Turns out that even that much money may not be enough when you are making a high-ended-complex product.

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OWL Aims To Be The World’s First Drop-in filter Adapter Reducing Costs and Improving Workflow


One of the best features of mirrorless cameras is the ability to use DSLR lenses. But when using DSLR lenses you immediately fall into one of the flaws of the DSLR lens system: filter design. The mix of filter thread sizes, ‘regular’, thin and extra thin filters and lenshood interaction makes you with there was a better solution.

Owl, “The World First Drop-in filter Adapter” aims to solve the filter problem for mirrorless once and for all with their new indiegogo. Most DSLR to mirrorless adapters are simply a hollow tube pushing the lens away from the camera. They are strong enough to carry a lens, while moving the electric contacts needed for focusing and feedback from the camera bayonet to the adapter bayonet. Owl simply makes a clever use of that space, adding a drop-in filter slot.

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Ten Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Check Out

Kickstarter Campaigns

I’m a firm believer that gear is not as important as vision, creativity, talent or perseverance.

That being said, some gear cannot be replaced by any amount of those qualities.

I can’t tell you were to buy creativity or vision, but I can show you some could-be products that might save your outdoors shoot or make your post-processing tasks just a bit more bearable.

Here are 10 photography-related Kickstarter campaigns you should check out.

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Vela Lab’s Uber High Speed Flash Aims To Freeze Bullets In Mid Air

Vela One
Vela Labs developed an LED flash with speeds of up to 1 /2,000,000 of a second – the Vela One. This means that the Vela One is fast enough to stop a bullet in flight.

Vela Labs CEO, Matt Kane, told us that such a fast speed is obtained by using ultra-high flux COB LEDs, and overdriving them. My first question was how exactly can you push an LED so brutally and not damage it. Matt explained that the massive currents are delivered in very short pulses and do not damage or shorten the life of the unit.  [Read more…]

No More Wating For Prints – The Lomo’Instant Brings The Lomo Fun to NOW

lomo-instant-20If you are a fan of analog film, but hated the wait between shooting and developing, this new camera from Lomograpy will make you very, very happy.

The Lomo’Instant  is a hybrid between the classic Lomo analog vibe and Fujifilm Instax Mini Film. The camera supports interchangeable lenses (or attachments): Wide Angle (82°), Fisheye (170°) & Portrait (64°).

Here is the interesting bit, While Lomography has both the sales channels and (I would guess) the funds to make this camera alone, they are turning to Kickstarter to back this project. A camera will set you back $69 (if you are an early bird) and a full set is $160. – it is over 30% funding from its $100,000 in just about 2 hours.
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Luxi For All: An Affordable Kickstarted Light Meter

We dont usually feature kickstarters, but you have to hand it to a company that knows what they are doing and already shipping their first product.

Luxi For All: An Affordable Light Meter

Luxi For All. (Image from their KickStarter page).

I love my photography toys and gadgets. Most photographers I know are exactly the same. But the problem is so many of them cost a small fortune that often the money can be best spent elsewhere.

One such gadget that can be argued should be in every photographer’s bag is a light meter. Such a tool can be used incredibly effectively, especially in studio work, to shoot with the correct settings to gain perfect exposure. The only problem is that light meters are normally expensive. Until Extrasensory Devices, a Californian company, came along with the Luxi, an affordable light meter for the iPhone.

Their current Kickstarter project sees them trying to bring the new and improved “Luxi For All” to the consumer world which is not all made of iDevice owners. Their prior Kickstarter project, simply called the Luxi, was purely for iPhone and raised over $120,000 from a little over 5,000 backers. It was praised by reviewers as an exceptional and accurate device, particularly considering the price point. The new release is sure to match. [Read more…]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

Here are 5 Kickstarter projects that I think deserve to get funded.

[There is a rant coming, if you just want the projects, hit the jump. But if you want a fair warning, read on]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

It was not an easy decision to run this post. I you noticed, DIYP has stopped featuring Kickstarter campaigns long while ago. The reasons were many but to sum it up, Kickstarter did not show accountability on their platform and many projects backed and funded delivered with huge delays (or have yet to deliver at all).

You see, kick starter is not like a shop, there is a risk factor involved. When you back a project, you buy in on coolness and early adoption (and possibly lower pricing), but may of the makers on Kickstarters are exactly that. Makers. This is not a bad thing. But there is a world of difference between making something and mass producing something. It involves managing a chain of supply, accounting for logistics, support & recalls, taking care of storage. And all and all the overhead of mass production is very different from making a few units in the basement (which is a cool thing by itself).

Those inherent changes, are not always taken into account when running a Kickstarter. But there is more. I like to think of the photography community as a tech-savvy-early-adopter-gear-lasting kind of community, so any Kickstarter that shows a good promise is something that makes us go “take my money and shut up”. Not always remembering that a Kickstarter may come at a price of uncertainty. Uncertainty of final features, uncertainty of final appearance and most of all uncertainty of delivery date.

All that said, here are 5 projects that I think should fund. They are all extremely cool and innovative as a Kickstarter should be. but this is not why they are featured here. They are here either because they are a dad-in-the-garage kind of project or on the other end of the spectrum coming from a reputable company. Both, I believe, are worth giving a chance too.

Please by any means don’t take this post as a lift on the rule regarding individual Kickstarters.

Now, if you are still with me, here are 5 projects that I believe are a good place to spend your money. [Read more…]