This Tripod Can Be Opened, Closed And Locked With A Single Hand


For some reason, we do not see a lot of innovation with tripods, I mean, it’s three legs connected with a base, what is there to innovate about?

Well a designer who goes by the name Product Tank  just invented the cleverest tripod I’ve ever seen.

You see, with most tripods, you have to spread the legs, open the locks (probably 6 of them), extend each section and then re-lock the locks. While this should take no longer than one or two minutes, it is quite an annoying task, not to mention adjusting the tripod once it is open. What if there was a magic tripod that can unlock, open and lock with the click of a button…

Enter the Super Tripod. This tripod uses a clever mechanism that unlocks the legs and re-locks them once the tripod is fully open (or at the height of your choice) with a click of a button.

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radioSTROBE is the World’s First Off-Camera Speedlight System

radioSTROBE_1One of the first things photographers hear these days after they buy their first speedlight is to avoid mounting it directly on the camera.

Using off-camera flash has become widely popular in recent years, with many accessories designed to adjust the hot-shoe mount device to work better remotely, but that’s exactly what they do – adjust an existing product to work differently.

Raman Evazians decided that photographers deserve a dedicated off-camera flash system specifically designed for their needs, and that’s where the radioSTROBE comes in.

The two-part system comprises of a flash unit and an advanced commander, and promises to be the first and only lighting option for off-camera flash photographers.

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[NSFW] Obscuro Is An Hauntingly Beautiful Nude Series Taken In A Dark Pool


Some photos can only be made once a complicated array of elements come together. Such is Obscuro by Steve Richard (previously).

Obscuro is a series of photos of nude dancers and models shot while wrapped in delicate fabrics. Oh yea, it is also shot in a top down view underwater.

Steve Richard has been taking photos for this series for over 15 years and the technical nature of those photos yields quite a few challenges:

(The photos and video after the jump contains artistic nude)

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You Have An Established Company, Why Did You Turn To Kickstarter To Make Your Next Product?


Kickstarter has been great to the community, it allows those with a great idea and little money to bring fabulous products to the market. Yet, every once in a while we are seeing a company which is not new turning to kickstarter to get funded.

Every time we post such project, the first comments are why is this company going to kickstarter? They should have plenty of money in their pockets and they should not offload the risk of development to us.

We were intrigued by the same question and asked 5 companies this exact question. Here is their response:

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Adaptalux Hopes To Revolutionize The Way We Light Macro Photography


The old adage “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” holds a lot of wisdom, but every once in a while a new product shows up to replace an old one that we didn’t fully realize needed to be fixed. In many ways, Adaptalux appears to be that kind of item. Using a combination of interchangeable, flexible lighting arms, Adaptalux hopes to revolutionize the way macro photographers and videographers light their photos.

Sam Granger, owner and CEO, says Adaptalux will eliminate three major problems currently found in the typical macro lighting setup. He says his nifty invention will battle the inherent restrictions of most light sources, reduce the amount of time needed to setup and start shooting, and save photographers money all at the same time. That’s enough to get my attention. Let’s take a look at their Kickstarter video to see how they plan to do it. [Read more…]

Rhino Motion Control System Is As Smooth As Their Sliders

A little while back we shared a review on the Rhino Slider – and if you don’t care to watch it (or the kick ass video that we shot with it), let me tell you the bottom line: We love it!

Now the Washington based company launches another crowdfunding campaign to add motion control to their slider. (This would be their sixth Kickstarter after the said Slider, a Rig, a stabilizer and some smaller campaigns, which pledged a total of almost half a mil together).

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$500K High-Speed Trigger Project Funds. Pulls Back After A Year. Owner Is Taking Responsibility


This is an interesting story about how your best dream coming true can turn into your worst nightmare. TriggerTrap who makes mobile camera triggers did the impossible and raised over £290,386 in their Ada kickstarter campaign, this is not trivial at all considering that high speed photography is a bit of a niche. Now a year after funding they are cancelling the project. I think it is a great story about what Kickstarter really is, why it takes so long to deliver a good product and how you handle (or should handle) such a massive fail.

You would think that funding half a million dollars would make almost anything impossible, right? Turns out that even that much money may not be enough when you are making a high-ended-complex product.

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OWL Aims To Be The World’s First Drop-in filter Adapter Reducing Costs and Improving Workflow


One of the best features of mirrorless cameras is the ability to use DSLR lenses. But when using DSLR lenses you immediately fall into one of the flaws of the DSLR lens system: filter design. The mix of filter thread sizes, ‘regular’, thin and extra thin filters and lenshood interaction makes you with there was a better solution.

Owl, “The World First Drop-in filter Adapter” aims to solve the filter problem for mirrorless once and for all with their new indiegogo. Most DSLR to mirrorless adapters are simply a hollow tube pushing the lens away from the camera. They are strong enough to carry a lens, while moving the electric contacts needed for focusing and feedback from the camera bayonet to the adapter bayonet. Owl simply makes a clever use of that space, adding a drop-in filter slot.

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Ten Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Check Out

Kickstarter Campaigns

I’m a firm believer that gear is not as important as vision, creativity, talent or perseverance.

That being said, some gear cannot be replaced by any amount of those qualities.

I can’t tell you were to buy creativity or vision, but I can show you some could-be products that might save your outdoors shoot or make your post-processing tasks just a bit more bearable.

Here are 10 photography-related Kickstarter campaigns you should check out.

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