Clinton Campaign Walks Reporters With Rope, Media Calls It ‘Humiliating’


The Clintons have a history of secrecy that goes back long before they ever made it to the White House the first time around.  So it’s of little surprise when Hillary gets a little testy with the media on the campaign trail.  But, this isn’t a political rant written by a libertarian-anarchist who loathes all politicians equally.  This is about photography.

While stomping the ground in Gorman, New Hampshire over the holiday weekend, Clinton campaign staffers decided that if words were not enough to corral the media that more assertive measures would have to be taken.  This resulted in members of the media who were staying ahead of Clinton in the Independence Day parade to be literally roped off, with aides allowing the media to only go where campaign members wanted them to.

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Australian PM’s Chief of Staff Demands Photographer Delete Images of Her

I don’t know much about Australian politics, and I barely give a rodent’s rump about American politics, to be honest. But, from what I’ve gathered, Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is a bit of a hot topic with our friends down under. (What’s with you Commonwealth countries always electing a Tony into office anyway?)

Yesterday was no exception as Credlin demanded AAP photographer Tracey Nearmy delete images she had captured of the staffer at a media event hosted in the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne.
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Trust Issues: The 4Chan Photo Leak, and What We Need to Learn From It

Louis CK did a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, once, where he spoke about Cloud services, and just how absurd it sounds to pay someone you don’t know to look after your personal pictures.

That video’s been getting reposted pretty frequently since what happened over the weekend, and it’s no wonder why. For those who don’t know by now, last Saturday the private pictures of over 10 different celebrities were leaked onto the internet by an anonymous user on 4Chan. According to the running stories, the pictures may have all came from iCloud, and someone found a way to hack into the servers. Literally hours after appearing on 4Chan, those pictures were on the front page of Reddit; twenty-four hours later, the FBI released a statement declaring that the leaker will be brought to justice.

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Gawker Reporter Launches a Witch Hunt, Attacks a Photographer Allegedly Using Ferguson For Self-Promotion


Over the past month, the events taking place in Ferguson have become a significant catalyst for rising tensions between the public and the media. With the emotional responses that issues of racism trigger across the political spectrum coupled with the response to police brutality that we’re already so familiar with, there’s an unsettling amount of conflict for the journalists and photographers involved.

Just recently, that crossfire hit 30-year-old freelance photographer Leo York, who was present in Ferguson during the riots. An Al Jazeera writer posted an article discussing his contempt for the media’s reaction to the events, and mentioned how an unnamed reporter asked him if he could take a picture of him and Anderson Cooper. That same reporter also mentioned how he was there for the “networking opportunities”.

“One reporter who, last night, said he came to Ferguson as a ‘networking opportunity.’ He later asked me to take a picture of him with Anderson Cooper.”

– From Ryan Schuessler’s original article on Al Jazeera

After the post went viral, grabbing attention from multiple online blogs, Gawker reporter J.K. Trotter posted an article asking readers to find out who the people being referred to in the post were since the Al Jazeera writer, Ryan Schuessler, wouldn’t give out any names. Eventually, a few readers managed to deliver on the request, finding pictures of Leo York posing with Anderson Cooper on the former’s personal Twitter account.

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Photographers and Their Constitutional Rights: A Few Words from an NPPA Attorney

Video available at PDN Pulse.

Video available at PDN Pulse.

With cameras becoming more accessible and easier to use, we have more of an incentive to film anything interesting that’s happening within our view. It’s not just CCTV or a security camera that’s catching crimes happening on the street, and it’s not just LiveLeak that’s giving us videos of people acting out of line. And for every good cop out there, there’s a cop that feels threatened by the fact that his actions are more likely to be put on record.

Right now, it’s more important than ever that people know their rights when photographing anything; NPPA Attorney (National Press Photographer’s Association) Mickey H. Osterreicher recently sat down with PDN Pulse last thursday to give a few tips on the matter.

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