This 4K Time Lapse Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature All Over Again

When I first saw this 4K time lapse I thought it could not be real. I immediately turned up the volume and re-watched it on full screen (and was sorry that I did not have the ‘right’ big screen to watch it even bigger.

Made to be Seen is Joel Schat‘s demo reel but I would say that it is one of the most hypnotizing time lapse movies we’ve seen to date, (and we’ve seen a lot). Shot mostly in US national parks this footage is a collage of everything worth timelapsing, from sunsets and sunrises, though the aurora borealis, arches, moon rising, gazers and rainbows, hot air balloons and so much more.

Joel, does share his gear list as well as some behind the scenes footage (time-lapsed in its own rights) below. [Read more…]