Are You Giving Each Shoot The Best It Can Get? (Like £3,000,000 Of Cars)

We usually share Benjamin Von Wong‘s work because it is plain awesome. But sometimes, like today, we are not sharing his work for awesomeness (though, awesome it is) but for the inspirational message he delivers.

Are You Giving Each Shoot The Best It Can Get? (Like £3,000,000 Of Cars)

Ben goes through a story of a high end shoot that the gods decided should not happen. The opportunity rose 4 days ahead of the shoot with the day in question already taken for something else; location fell through 2 days before the shoot; pyrotechnician cancelled on the day of the shoot, and on the actual shoot temperatures were dead freezing.

Nevertheless, Ben came up with a series of awesome photographs. I asked Ben what roll inspiration played in all of this and he had quite a surprising answer: [Read more...]

Dear Troll… Kindest regards, 2013 x x x

Model Jen Brook have been sharing her art with the photography community for a while now. However, after seeing recent trollish remarks about females in the industry she felt the need to hit back. Here is her open letter response..

Dear Troll,

How dare you. Yes you, I see you even though you hide behind your keyboard like the faceless coward that you are. I hear every word you say and yes, they bother me…even when they are not meant for me, because just like you, I am a real person behind this avatar.

You come up from nowhere like a nasty rash, spouting bestial crap about how women are only ever successful based on their shapely figures, luscious locks or pretty little faces…attracting attention purely because of the way they look and not once because of the hard efforts they have endured.

Well more fool you my friend, more fool you.


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