Jeff Cable Discusses 15 Things You Should Be Thinking About Every Time You Take a Photo


There’s a lot that goes into making a great photo and when you’re out there shooting, you probably have a million ideas and thoughts racing through your head. Of course, thinking and asking yourself questions about what it is you’re trying to shoot along the way is great way to improve your work, but are you asking yourself the right questions? In this hour long seminar hosted by Jeff Cable, he discusses 15 different things you should be asking yourself before you take the shot. I know, I know an hour is a long time to spend on one YouTube video, but Cable is a pretty amusing instructor and he has a lot of solid photography knowledge he’s willing to share.

In the clip, Cable discusses everything from which shooting modes you should be using, how to decide which lens is best, how you can determine what the best composition is, and more. The video title says 15 things, but the whole clip is loaded with advice that go above and beyond the core principles from his syllabus.  [Read more…]

Shoot, Edit, Upload In Under 2 Hours – Jeff Cable’s Setup For The Winter Olympics

If you thought that the mere act of shooting the Olympics is nerve wreaking, wait until you find out that the deadline for delivering the photos (tagged and edited) is only two hours.

Shoot, Edit, Upload In Under 2 Hours - Jeff Cable's Setup For The Winder Olympics

Olympic Shooter Jeff Cable (blog) shares how his delivery deadlines went from 12 hours when he started shooting the games to 2 hours at the latest London games.

For this Jeff uses two tricks that he shares he uses uber fast gear, and he has a 99% automatic setup. [Read more…]