Watch How to Squeeze 350,000 Photos on a 512GB Memory Card


It’s been over a year since the first 512GB memory cards were announced, but it was usually their price that drew most of the attention, and it’s quite understandable why considering they can cost more than some DSLRs.

While we all knew that 512GB is massive, Jared Polin (aka FroKnowsPhoto) really drives it home in this video. After sharing with his viewers that the D4s can shoot over 13,000 RAW files, he was asked how many JPEGs could fit in the card.

It took a while for the card to load due to its ridiculous capacity but, the results show that some people will never again have to swap their memory card. EVER.

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How To Turn A $4,000 D800 Into A Spiffy Peephole

You know those places that look like the perfect place to live in? Like the apartment at friends or the one in Seinfeld? Well, those just got demoted to a shack statue with Jared Polin’s introduction of the $4,000 peephole.

Now, over the years we did share a hack that converted a peephole into a fisheye lens, but this is, I think, the first time we are sharing a lens (and DSLR) turned into a peephole.

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Photographer Denied Access From Six Flags For Wearing An ‘I Shoot Raw’ T-Shirt


Having spent a few days with Jared Polin (AKA FroKnowsPhoto) I have not seen him wear anything but a variety of ‘I shoot RAW’ T shirts. I am not sure he actually has any other shirts in the closet. Being a well coined photography term, Jared went to a New Jersey Six Flags wearing this shirt and was detained at the gates by security for wearing the I Shoot Raw shirt (after getting a ticket), and was asked to replace the shirt with another one.

Jared told the security that he is going to film the discussion and tried asking the security guards why he can not wear the shirt. To this he was replied with a series of recursive answers, ranging from ‘it is a family friendly park’, ‘it is up to management discretion’, ‘Several guards pointed up your shirt’ but they could not explain why the shirt was deemed inappropriate.

In the end, Jared had to go in the park and get a different shirt to be allowed in (see lead photo for his selection).
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