Photographer Shares the Heartbreaking Horrors of Leprosy in Iran


Leprosy is almost unheard of in Western cultures, or we gloss over it by calling it “Hansen’s Disease.”  While there are an estimated 200 cases per year in the U.S., modern medicine has rendered it no more lethal than the common cold, if properly treated.  But, in some locales around the world, it is still a very real and viable threat.

Photographer Ali Hamed Haghdoust wanted to further explore the legitimate threats of leprosy in the Middle East.  In a project called “The Lost Beauty,” he spent six years in the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, Iran documenting the social and cultural impact of the horrifying disease.

(Warning:  Graphic images after the jump.)

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100 Years of African-American and Iranian Beauty Time-Lapsed Into One Minute Each


A couple of months ago we shared with you the original 100 Years of Beauty video, showing the changing hair and makeup styles common among white women in America between 1910 and 2010.

Following the huge success of the first video, which received 20 million views, has created two more videos. The second video in the series depicts popular beauty among African-American woman in the past century, and the third video, which was just released, gives us a glimpse of the vast changes that took place among the women of Iran.

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These Photos Of Old Iranian Mosques Redefine Symmetry


23 years old photographer, Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, from Babol, Iran took it upon himself to document the old beauty found in Iran. He is shooting Mosques , Hammams (bathrooms ) , Symbols , Churches , historical sites , Old houses , Special structures , Windcatchers, giving a unique point of view on those hard to shoot locations.

The symmetry in Mohammad’s photography is incredible and while the places are amazing in their own right, Mohammad’s definitely adds his touch to each photo.

While most of the photography is done in public places, getting ‘pro’ gear such as tripods is usually forbidden. We asked Mohammad how he approached them:

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