CamSwarm Looks To Bring Bullet Time Video Capture To iPhones


The Matrix wowed us with its special effects and sent filmmakers scurrying to replicate the iconic “bullet time” effect in their own scenes.  And, as time has gone on, we have seen more and more “off-Hollywood” creators piecing together their own bullet time sequences, particularly for extreme sports.  Shots like this require multiple (read: many) cameras and, even when using a GoPro array, are cost-inhibitive to most.

Now, thanks to a research team at Columbia University, this technology may be coming to the masses, using (you guessed it) an iPhone.

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New Feature-Length Movie Is Shot Entirely On The iPhone 5S


The iPhone has come a long way since the first generation release in 2007.  With more advanced sensors and optics and powerful apps, we have seen a huge uptick in quality work coming from the little devices over the last several years.  Now, a feature film shot entirely on the iPhone 5S will be hitting select theaters this weekend.  Yes…an actual movie…shot on a smartphone…in theaters.  (There was a time when people said man would never fly, either.)

Tangerine is about transexual prostitute Sin-Dee who learns from a friend that her boyfriend (and pimp) was unfaithful to her during her recent incarceration.  The film follows Sin-Dee and her best friend on a quest to learn the truth about the rumor.  (Warning:  Video after the jump contains strong language.)

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Ditch Paper: Create and Sign Model Release Forms with Snapwire’s Free Mobile App


Model release forms are simply part of the photography industry, and while you may not be legally required to have one in all situations (depending on local laws), it never hurts to get a signed release from a subject.  However, toting around a bunch of unsigned release forms in the event that you might need them is a bit of a nuisance, and there have been times that I’ve forgotten a release form when I was actually required to get one.

Now (at least for iPhone users), the hassle of printed release forms can be a thing of the past.  Thanks to Releases by Snapwire, a mobile app that enables you to create and sign model and property release forms on the go, you will have no excuse for not having one.

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Tric for iPhone: New Device Will Allow You to Use Speedlights with Your Smartphone

The iPhone wow-ed us all when it first came on the scene in 2007, and over the years we have seen how photographers, both amateur and professional, have used it to create some pretty stunning images. Even as far back as 2010 the guy at FStoppers amazed us with their iPhone fashion shoot using a 3gs. But, there has always been the limitation of not being able to pair off-camera strobe lighting with the little device.

Those days are over, thanks to Tric, a new wireless flash trigger for the iPhone system.

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iPhone Helps Photographer Recreate Iconic Pop Culture Scenes In This Ingenious Photo Project

Not too long ago, François Dourlen, a history professor from France, had the idea to snap a silly picture of the Napoleon statue in Cherbourg,  in which he replaced the statue with a picture of My Little Pony that he pulled up on his iPhone. The amateur photographer took the photo as a joke to share among friends, but had so much fun making the original, he was inspired to make another. As positive feedback began pouring in, Douren made another and before you know it, he had an entire collection of these fun, pop culture inspired photos.  [Read more…]

How To Shoot a Perfect Watch using only an iPad


Last week, I wrote an article about shooting a watch using only one light, and I promised to write a Part 2 of this series on how to shoot a watch using more Photoshop work. So, I was in my studio preparing to do the 2nd part of the article and I brought my iPad for pegs and music. I was getting ready to shoot but something crazy hit me, what if I shot the watch using only my iPad (like I did a year ago for other products), could be something, right?

So, here is a step by step and behind the scenes tutorial on how to photograph a watch using your iPad. So instead of 2 Parts of my How to shoot a watch, it will be a 3 Parts Series.

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Bad At Math? No Worries, Your Camera Phone Can Do It For You.

Photo3 PhotoMath

Last month I showed you an awesome tutorial on how to hack your calculator to control your camera, so it only seems like a natural progression for me to turn it around and show you how to get your camera to do your math homework.

That’s correct. On what appears to be a fast paced race to invalidate the need for any kind of formal education, developers have released an app which allows users to simply take a photo of an equation and have the app spit out the answer instantaneously. PhotoMath is currently able to process arithmetic expressions, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, and simple linear equations. Nothing astonishingly difficult, but Microblink says they are constantly expanding the types of mathematical problems the app can solve. [Read more…]

Frugality Works! Using an iPhone and an IKEA Lamp For Scanning Film Negatives


Photographer Kasper Vandermaesen is shooting film. That means that his process actually involves chemicals and a lab visit each time a roll is done. For viewing purposes, however, Kaper has his lab scan the film and deliver a digital file.

Unfortunately, on his last visit to the lab, they skipped one of the photographs while scanning and being such a lovely frame, Kasper did not give it up.

It is this kind of stuff that makes new technology interesting, to see how it interacts with whatever’s out there. Kasper used an IKEA lamp and his iPhone to “scan” the photo.

Here is another interesting bit, Kasper went from digital to film, as he tells the Phoblographer:

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Camera51 App Claim They Crammed All Compositional Info Into An App That Tell You How To Shoot

I was wondering when something like this will pop up. An app that not only shares information about photography, but also tells you how to shoot. Camera51 is just that. An app that tells you how to shoot to get better photos.

I am really not sure what I think about this kind of technology, on one hand smartphone photographers do sometimes spray and pray, but on the other, I am not sure I am comfortable with the idea of letting an app telling me how to shoot.

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The Camera That Holds The Title Of Most Used On Flickr Might Surprise You


The Canon Rebel T3i is the first dedicated camera to show up on the list. (Photo: Canon T3i by Andy Malmin)

In fact, the cameras that hold the title of not only the most used, but also the second, third, and fourth most used cameras on the popular photo sharing website might grab your attention. Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer, did some researching on the matter recently and discovered that the usual suspects from Canon or Nikon don’t even make the list until the 5th place slot. Do you know which camera model holds all the glory? If you guessed Apple, pat yourself on the back. The iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4 round out the top four, respectively, while Canon finally makes it on to the board with their Rebel T3i claiming fifth. [Read more…]